What is so SOLO about this?

What is so SOLO about this?

The term “SOLOpreneurs” confuses me.

I have learned that you CANNOT do this thing alone! As a small biz owner/entrepreneur, you are surrounded by GREATNESS. Stop for a minute. Look around. Embrace the help from others. Hug the encouragement from others. Take time to teach and inspire others. Reflect on the lessons you’ve learned from others. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! You may own a business, but the best business people create partnerships for life that may ultimately allow them to propel each other into their realms of greatness.

If you are an entrepreneur and feel that you may be struggling to make it happen, to get it off the ground, to make ends meet, my words of encouragement are:


The resources are available to us day in and day out; let’s make it happen!

The Entrepreneur Within {Rx}

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