“Ms. Dana”

“Ms. Dana”

Learn more about guest author, Ms. Dana

Dana Moten (Ms. Dana, the Loctician and Barber), is trained and skilled in natural hair care, barber services, and non-medical hair, scalp and skin treatments. Her professionalism, attention to detail and customer service are the reasons clients appreciate her. Her ability to be taught, to teach and be part of a team are the reasons colleagues appreciate her.

Ms. Dana received her initial natural hair care education from Amazon Natural Look Institute, and honed her craft at Christian Fields Style Bar, both in Chicago, Illinois. Her advanced loc education comes from LynJonta, Bloomington, New Jersey. Larry’s Barber College, Chicago, Illinois, is where she received her barber education, and her ongoing non-medical skin care education is graciously provided by Santha Dulaney / N2Skinn, Chicago, Illinois.

The genuine smiles of appreciative clients are definitely the best part of being a professional in this industry. To help keep her clients endeared to her, Ms. Dana first connects with them so they are comfortable. She’s found that listening to client’s wants and expectations, and communicating her agreement or suggestions for alternatives, causes them to relax and trust her professional judgment: an important goal. The final step is to care for client’s hair, scalp and skin in a comfortable environment, giving undivided attention to them and including little uncommon comforts.

Time in Ms. Dana’s chair = the ultimate grooming experience


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Our Editor ~ Rhonda

Our Editor ~ Rhonda

Learn more about the TEW Editor: Rhonda E. Alexander

Rhonda E. Alexander is an up and coming writer whose time has finally come. After working in corporate America for 17 years, she took the plunge and decided the time had come for her to step out on faith and work to make her dreams come true.

Rhonda was born and raised on the Southside of Chicago with dreams of moving to the big apple and becoming an actress. After years of writing skits, plays and short stories, she finally accepted that she enjoyed creating stories more than acting them out, and changed her focus to writing.

Along the way, she would fight the urge to write, putting it in the category of a hobby or just something she turned to when she just wanted to release stress or frustration.

Rhonda remembers her journey with writing began after one of her older cousins shared with her, an assignment she had been given in school. Her cousin was in junior high and had been assigned the task of writing a play. Wanting to be like the “older kids,” Rhonda decided she would write a play too, in preparation of being in junior high the very next year with her cousin.

However, when it was time for her to go across the street to attend junior high, the school closed down. She was crushed, but by that time, she had been writing plays for a year and it was exciting to write a story that lasted for 30 pages or more, so she continued to do it.

Throughout her life, that tug of war between acting, writing and getting a “real job” continued to play out in various ways. Writing “her little plays,” as she often referred to them, became somewhat of a release for the emotions she kept bottled inside. She was latchkey kid-through and through-with a lot of time on her hands and as her life progressed, she would live vicariously through those “little plays.”

After another of her many cousins advised her that it was never too late to pursue her dreams, she went for it. She went back to school after a nine-year hiatus and hasn’t stopped educating herself on the principles and tenets of good journalistic practices and great writing style since.

Her latest achievements, graduating with two master’s degrees (M.A. Journalism and M.S. Interdisciplinary Studies – focus on Creative Writing and Marketing) and legalizing her freelance writing business, Quintessential Writing Services, have helped her cement her status in the media industry as a force that won’t quit.

Contributing health-oriented articles to news organizations around town such as, The Sun-Times Media Group, Naperville Sun and The Beacon-News, Rhonda is well on her way to establishing the platform she envisioned for herself as a writer.

However, if you need her, she’s just a phone call, email or Facebook post away.


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Our 15 Authors are ohh….. so unique!

Our 15 Authors are ohh….. so unique!

Be you. Be yourself. Be unique!

No one on this earth is as unique as YOU!  Our guest authors have shared their stories, uncovered their hearts, let out their demons, encouraged us so much. This book is a collection of authors who share the journey of living a full, encouraging life whether they are in business for themselves, pursuing a passion or simply eager to get started. We hope you enjoy the book as much as we have enjoyed putting it down on paper! ~ the TEW Crew

  1. Dr. Bernada Nicole Baker – Walking in Your Passion/Purpose (Foreword)
  2. Julie M. Holloway “aka” JMH – The Entrepreneur Within Me
  3. Rhonda Alexander (T.E.W. Editor) – Don’t Stay Past Your Expiration Date
  4. Nicole Knox – Power Keeping
  5. Quinn Riley – aka “Q” – Living on 5th Ave
  6. Merry Linden – Asking for Help
  7. Anthony “Ant” L. Smith, Author/Keynote Speaker/L.I.F.E.style Improvement Coach
  8. Patrice N. Perkins – Don’t be a Serial Entrepreneur
  9. Glenn Murray – Relationships in Business
  10. Rhonda Alexander (T.E.W. Editor) – Don’t Stay Past Your Expiration Date
  11. Adam Jackson – Procrastination
  12. Danielle Willis – Eating an Elephant: Overcoming Obstacles to Entrepreneurship
  13. Steve Amella + Beth Doyle – Power Marketing
  14. Tiff “aka Tiff’s Editing Cafe” – Workin’ 9-5 + More
  15. Kenny Carroll – From Ideas to Execution
  16. Corliss Johnson – Marrying My Destiny
  17. Galonda Chatman – Entrepreneurship. A Blessing + a Curse



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Platinum Sponsors ~ We Thank You!

Platinum Sponsors ~ We Thank You!

The Entrepreneur Within book launch event will take place on Sunday, October 28, 2012. We appreciate all of the sponsors that have come forth to support the mission of TEW.

tew mission…

Our mission is more about our JOURNEY.  Often you become stagnant in a situation or a position, a job or a relationship. The ONLY way to get out is within yourself. I (JMH) was locked inside of a situation on a job where I truly felt I could not get out. It became so apparent that if I did not get out, I may never make it out. Alive.  The mission of this book and the mission behind unleashing The Entrepreneur Within is very simple. It is our desire to INSPIRE.

It is our desire to challenge you to your greatness, to bless you with our painful but truthful stories so that you may not feel so alone. Or so that you may feel the courage or the power from one of these authors. The goal is to reach every single soul within one or all of the diverse chapters of this book. Go ahead, live a little. Be your GREATNESS, expand upon the life that you were given when you were born. Be who you want to be, and not who everyone else wants you to be. be.cre8ive.


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What is so SOLO about this?

What is so SOLO about this?

The term “SOLOpreneurs” confuses me.

I have learned that you CANNOT do this thing alone! As a small biz owner/entrepreneur, you are surrounded by GREATNESS. Stop for a minute. Look around. Embrace the help from others. Hug the encouragement from others. Take time to teach and inspire others. Reflect on the lessons you’ve learned from others. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! You may own a business, but the best business people create partnerships for life that may ultimately allow them to propel each other into their realms of greatness.

If you are an entrepreneur and feel that you may be struggling to make it happen, to get it off the ground, to make ends meet, my words of encouragement are:


The resources are available to us day in and day out; let’s make it happen!

The Entrepreneur Within {Rx}

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