Writing is my passion!!

Early on in my roaring 20s, I had a love for writing, reading, language and grammar. I began with my “first love,” creating resumés as a hobby. I perfected my skills and resurrected professional resumés for everyone in my “circle.” I was finally given the idea that I should begin thinking about turning my “love” into a home-based or online business. Here I am, 10 years later still creating resumés, plus an additional gamut of writing, editing and proofreading services.


I am a proud mother of a pre-teen daughter and an active toddler son. I currently work outside the home as a supervisor of a parent education program. Previously, a lead toddler teacher and taught Preschool for four years. I have years of experience in education and social service where parent education, family advocacy and program management happens daily.


While working with many families over the years, I found that there is an abundance of individuals who continue to struggle with job searches and attainment. As a result, seven years ago I began to counsel clients on how to find their strengths and turn them into marketable job skills. Among other events, I held informal groups to facilitate proper interview etiquette, job searches via newspaper and Internet, resumé and cover letter creation and lectures on how to “dress for success.” During this time, I began a small home-based business. My long-term goal is to earn my doctorate in English/Journalism and my plan is to teach English/Composition/Journalism classes at the post-secondary level.


Tiff’s Editing Café is an editing, proofreading, transcription and typing service. My service creates proposals, press release/media kits, social media/web posts, professional letters and bios. We offer transcription service for authors and other professionals. Also we offer the editing of resumés, magazine articles, manuscripts and dissertations plus much more. Feel free to contact us at (773) 340-9193 or email the details to All consultations are free of charge! Go to our website and see more details at We are always in hopes to connect as an outsourced contractor for your magazine, company or agency.

We look forward to working for you!


Tiffany C. Jasper

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