Purchase the Book

Purchase the Book

The book should be available for purchase by the first week of November!

Stay tuned!!!


If you’d like first dibs, email info@jmhcre8ive.com and we’ll notify you as soon as it’s available!



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I am in utter amazement at the collection of pure expertise and talent that has contributed to the book “The Entrepreneur Within You” ~ take a look at this list of services/offerings/areas of specialization that lies within our group of 17 co-authors. I can honestly say I am surrounded by greatness! We’re about to take T.E.W. to a whole new level! Simply put, “how can we help you?” ~ if you need a ‘connection’ feel free to email info@jmhcre8ive.com and one of us will get back to you! Use the subject line “TEWConnect”


talent list:

  1. fine artist
  2. motivational speaker
  3. community activist
  4. courage coach
  5. graphic designer
  6. social media guru(s)
  7. power keeper
  8. constant contact expert(s)
  9. tshirt designer(s)
  10. coffee/tea distributors
  11. writer(s)
  12. editors
  13. grant writing/expertise
  14. sound/voice over specialist
  15. celiac disease expert
  16. creative attorney
  17. product marketing specialist(s)
  18. blogger(s)
  19. 501c3 and trademark registration expertise
  20. chef/baker(s)
  21. entertainment specialist
  22. comedy show host
  23. intellectual property specialist
  24. marketing expert(s)
  25. biz plan writers
  26. workshop presenters
  27. creator of cupcakes in mason jars
  28. consultant(s) to entrepreneurs
  29. event planner(s)
  30. event manager(s)
  31. health food nut(s)
  32. symphony violinist available for gigs
  33. social media boot camp director
  34. living on 5th ave coach
  35. soy candle maker
  36. photographer(s)
  37. fashion guru(s)
  38. make-up artist(s)
  39. bio/resume writer(s)
  40. church marketing specialist(s)
  41. helps entrepreneurs “marry” their destinies
  42. author(s)
  43. loctician + barber.
  44. speaker(s)
  45. full color printing/banners
  46. princess role model
  47. press release writer(s)
  48. radio show host(s)
  49. publisher(s)
  50. community event planner(s)
  51. amazing people and personalities
  52. #teamTEW




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