If you stop marketing, they stop watching. by JMH “the Dream Midwife”

I am a serial entrepreneur.  My titles consist of an author, graphic designer, fine artist, marketing socialite, mother and wife; they call me JMH “the dream midwife.”

My Top 5 Marketing Tips Are As Follows:

  1. Know your audience and engage them with what they like to hear from you or your business.
  2. Use creativity and diverse graphics, media and copy to engage the customer.
  3. Span your strategy across various channels of media (print, web, social media, video, affiliate marketing).
  4. Keep your “personal business” off of Facebook when you are trying to sell yourself as a professional.
  5. If you “stop marketing” they “stop watching” – do not stop, do not drop, do not lose sight of your marketing strategy or you could lose customers and revenue!

That magic “M” word is truly one of the most important topics to consider when planning your business. Whether you are planning to take a flying leap into entrepreneurship or you already have, I challenge you to sit down with a coach or mentor and map out your magical marketing plan today! Without this piece, you are simply just going to operate from day to day.  New and old clients may forget about you as they see the competitors market their way past you!  My wish for every new business owner is that they truly understand the tenacity that it takes to operate a successful business while investing in a solid marketing plan and execution strategy.

Unleash The Entrepreneur Within You

Your skills may pay your bills but your passion is priceless. If you are not operating your business out of pure passion for what it is you do or sell, you will never be completely fulfilled. At least that is my opinion, and the opinion of many of the contributing authors in my book “The Entrepreneur Within You” an anthology written by 18 contributing authors about passion, purpose, entrepreneurship, faith, fear, marketing and so much more!

Our readers feel that you will walk away from each story with some valuable nuggets of information and our goal is to share those nuggets with anyone that we come in contact with.  A very diverse set of stories make-up this inspirational piece.  You will feel empowered in their business, eager to take the leap of faith, ready to face the challenges that being an entrepreneur has to offer and we may be able to to move you to your “next” level.

Go ahead, unleash the entrepreneur within you but PLEASE open up, dust off that marketing plan and seek some professional expertise to ensure you are on top of your game! I recently had 2 of my mentors bring it to my attention that I should “reel in” my marketing and create a drastic movement; in other words, one said light a fire under that thing and let’s get it into tip top shape. That was the best, eye-opening advice I have gotten in a long time and I have done just that. I have already reeled in about 4-6 new clients in just a few days of execution! One last thought, is do not forget to conduct a professional marketing research project to find out WHO, WHERE, WHY, WHEN, HOW your abundance of new clients will come to you! it makes all the difference in the world!

C’mon let’s go to MARKET!



ABOUT JULIE M. HOLLOWAY / aka “JMH, the Dream Midwife”

Julie M. Holloway of JMH Art & Design Studio, is a native of Chicago, IL where she currently resides with her husband Darnell and two children, Jasmine and D.J. Holloway operates a boutique home-based graphic design, web, print and marketing company. She is also the author and founder of the book The Entrepreneur Within You which is making national headlines as the crew expand beyond the book into workshops, meet-ups, radio and coaching/collaborative efforts. After the launch of her book and 1-year anniversary as a full-time entrepreneur, JMH was given the name “The Dream Midwife” creatively collaborating and creating lively brands for her client’s small to mid-sized businesses. In her efforts marketing the recently published book she has also taken a great interest in kid-preneurs, starting with her own children who independently run their own candle businesses, t-shirt lines, published books and Vitner’s Hotsauce Corn Chip business out of their home in the Chicagoland area. They’re a family full of newbie entrepreneurs just eagerly waiting for their next online or in-person event! You can find the Holloway’s online at www.jmhcre8ive.com, www.theentrepreneurwithin.org, www.jmhgoodies.com and www.jmhcandles.com along with just about any social network!


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