I Hate This Job: How to Start a New Career Doing What You’re Passionate About

I Hate This Job: How to Start a New Career Doing What You’re Passionate About

life new logo with nameI Hate This Job: How to Start a New Career Doing What You’re Passionate About

by: Anthony Lamar Smith, Author of L.I.F.E. Intentional

What a refreshing feeling it is when payday finally arrives.  It’s Friday and the weekend weather is going to be perfect. Your energy is high. You’re feeling good and excited about your plans for tonight. Maybe you’ll stop by your favorite store at the mall to buy that outfit you’ve promised yourself. Maybe you’ll catch “Happy Hour’ at your favorite restaurant with your friends or coworkers. Perhaps you’ll decide to treat yourself to a manicure/pedicure or stop by the barber shop to get a fresh haircut. Life is good… because today is payday. The pressures of the past three days while stressing about money and the anxiety over how you would make it to the next payday has waned.

Someone once told me that “being broke is temporary, but poverty is a mindset that eventually leads to its manifestation”. Why? Because the emotions you feel prior to getting paid are minimal to how it would feel if you were poor and there was no paycheck today. However, is there really a difference between poverty and being temporarily broke? Sure there is. Being poor is a lot easier. It’s easier because there is no expectation of a future ‘payday’. There are no pressures from stressing about maintaining your lifestyle because there is no lifestyle to support when someone is poor. Someone living in poverty cannot experience this type of anxiety because they have no expectations for something better.

However, when you go to work for 14 days you expect compensation for your efforts. Throughout these past two weeks you have budgeted and allocated your money to pay for things you find comfortable and enjoyable. Being compensated with money is a very rewarding experience. But how does it feel when the money runs out; when your paycheck is not enough? A successful MLM (Multi Level Marketing) friend of mine once told me that a J.O.B stands for “just over broke”. In other words your job pays you just enough to keep you coming to work, and while you’re at work you do just enough to keep from being fired.

The lifestyle that you live is subject to the amount of money you earn. Your residence. The car you drive. The food you eat and whether this food is healthy or unhealthy is determined by your job. The places you visit and travel. The clothes you wear. The neighborhood you live and the schools your children attend is all based upon how much money is written in the middle right part of your paycheck. Your employer even controls when you can go to lunch, and they can care less if you’re hungry or not. And when you exchange your time for an amount of money that isn’t enough you begin to resent your job. You begin to feel used, abused, and that what you bring to this job is unappreciated by your employer. The proof of such can be shown with the minimal raise you received during your last review. Now ask yourself is working a J.O.B that you hate worth the temporary thrill of the paycheck you receive every two weeks, 15th and 30th, or once a month? Perhaps a ‘nominal’ paycheck wouldn’t be so bad if you were working a job that you were passionate about or a career that is tied to the fulfillment of your life’s purpose.

Here are a few reasons why your employer does not pay you what you’re actually worth:

1)      Because employees are a company’s largest cost. Although your place with the company is of great value to your employer, the company is always searching for ways to decrease this cost.

2)      Many companies feel that they aren’t getting what they pay you for. Poor performance, sick and vacation days, benefits and employee taxes are just a few of the expenses that your company incurs by employing you. So if the return on their investment in you is small then you become one of the first to be terminated during a downsize.

3)      Your employer believes that they can find someone to do your job at a fraction of the cost. With the economy finally rebounding after a brutal recession there are thousands of people applying for your position. And they are willing to do the job for less than what it’s costing the company to have you in this position.


Here are some suggestions of why you should pursue your passion versus finding another job and what to do before quitting.

1). Working in a field that you love benefits you mentally, emotionally and physically. The lack of stress from working in a career that you are passionate about will improve your health in many ways. You will feel refreshed each morning and excited about life. Your personal relationships will improve and other areas of your life will become better.

2). Prior to quitting the job you hate start a ‘savings funds’ that will help finance your current lifestyle during the famine period. Starting over is not always easy but the rewards are worth it. You want to have at least 3-6 months of your expenses saved if you haven’t replaced your current income right away.

3). Draft a plan that also includes the emotional and/or financial support of your significant other and family if possible. When your family believes that the benefit of your new career and dream job also includes them they will be more apt to help you with your passion.

There are several other suggestions I recommend before starting a new career that I will share in next week’s article. Instill this success principle in your psyche while enjoying your weekend: dream BIG, plan, get excited and take action now…for the world is waiting to cheer your success.

P.S. Do me a favor and visit Amazon to order your copy of “L.I.F.E. Intentional, Living In Fullness Everyday” and read the highly entertaining and inspirational stories of how I walked away from a multiple six-figure salary to pursue my passion…and how you can too! Like my Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/L.I.F.E.IntentionalbyAnthonyLamarSmith. Follow me on Twitter @Lifeintentional

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If you stop marketing, they stop watching. by JMH “the Dream Midwife”

I am a serial entrepreneur.  My titles consist of an author, graphic designer, fine artist, marketing socialite, mother and wife; they call me JMH “the dream midwife.”

My Top 5 Marketing Tips Are As Follows:

  1. Know your audience and engage them with what they like to hear from you or your business.
  2. Use creativity and diverse graphics, media and copy to engage the customer.
  3. Span your strategy across various channels of media (print, web, social media, video, affiliate marketing).
  4. Keep your “personal business” off of Facebook when you are trying to sell yourself as a professional.
  5. If you “stop marketing” they “stop watching” – do not stop, do not drop, do not lose sight of your marketing strategy or you could lose customers and revenue!

That magic “M” word is truly one of the most important topics to consider when planning your business. Whether you are planning to take a flying leap into entrepreneurship or you already have, I challenge you to sit down with a coach or mentor and map out your magical marketing plan today! Without this piece, you are simply just going to operate from day to day.  New and old clients may forget about you as they see the competitors market their way past you!  My wish for every new business owner is that they truly understand the tenacity that it takes to operate a successful business while investing in a solid marketing plan and execution strategy.

Unleash The Entrepreneur Within You

Your skills may pay your bills but your passion is priceless. If you are not operating your business out of pure passion for what it is you do or sell, you will never be completely fulfilled. At least that is my opinion, and the opinion of many of the contributing authors in my book “The Entrepreneur Within You” an anthology written by 18 contributing authors about passion, purpose, entrepreneurship, faith, fear, marketing and so much more!

Our readers feel that you will walk away from each story with some valuable nuggets of information and our goal is to share those nuggets with anyone that we come in contact with.  A very diverse set of stories make-up this inspirational piece.  You will feel empowered in their business, eager to take the leap of faith, ready to face the challenges that being an entrepreneur has to offer and we may be able to to move you to your “next” level.

Go ahead, unleash the entrepreneur within you but PLEASE open up, dust off that marketing plan and seek some professional expertise to ensure you are on top of your game! I recently had 2 of my mentors bring it to my attention that I should “reel in” my marketing and create a drastic movement; in other words, one said light a fire under that thing and let’s get it into tip top shape. That was the best, eye-opening advice I have gotten in a long time and I have done just that. I have already reeled in about 4-6 new clients in just a few days of execution! One last thought, is do not forget to conduct a professional marketing research project to find out WHO, WHERE, WHY, WHEN, HOW your abundance of new clients will come to you! it makes all the difference in the world!

C’mon let’s go to MARKET!



ABOUT JULIE M. HOLLOWAY / aka “JMH, the Dream Midwife”

Julie M. Holloway of JMH Art & Design Studio, is a native of Chicago, IL where she currently resides with her husband Darnell and two children, Jasmine and D.J. Holloway operates a boutique home-based graphic design, web, print and marketing company. She is also the author and founder of the book The Entrepreneur Within You which is making national headlines as the crew expand beyond the book into workshops, meet-ups, radio and coaching/collaborative efforts. After the launch of her book and 1-year anniversary as a full-time entrepreneur, JMH was given the name “The Dream Midwife” creatively collaborating and creating lively brands for her client’s small to mid-sized businesses. In her efforts marketing the recently published book she has also taken a great interest in kid-preneurs, starting with her own children who independently run their own candle businesses, t-shirt lines, published books and Vitner’s Hotsauce Corn Chip business out of their home in the Chicagoland area. They’re a family full of newbie entrepreneurs just eagerly waiting for their next online or in-person event! You can find the Holloway’s online at www.jmhcre8ive.com, www.theentrepreneurwithin.org, www.jmhgoodies.com and www.jmhcandles.com along with just about any social network!


Advertising Firm based in Stuart, FL


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Write Down Your Goals!

Write Down Your Goals!

When was the last time you set out on a new week with GOALS in mind?

Well, as a busy entrepreneur, mom, author, wife and more, I have to admit I have not written down my goals in about four months. I recently had a call with one of my new 550058_511154285609533_1065463064_ncoaches/mentors and she asked point blank “what is your goal for your business” and I was stumped. I know I have goals. I know I have a business plan (sort of), I know I make my financial goals (most of the time) but I do not have my monthly/weekly goals written down.

So, that leads me to the TEW Blog! One of my goals for the past four months has been to give this blog a little love, devotion and encouragement. Therefore, I will devote a chunk of time and a full coffee cup to this blog every Sunday! I find that on Sundays, we are rejoicing, praying, revisiting our plan and most often, making a mark on what the week has in store for us.

Today I made three goals – not too many, not too few, just enough.

I will share them with you so you can keep me honest!

1) My first goal, which is a long time coming is to Re-Fuel this TEW Blog with the same passion, purpose and fire that was underneath it when it first started out!  We all need an outlet, and if you’re anything like me, all entrepreneurs feed from others inspiration; at least that’s what they say!

2) Make my business more “likeable” – by this, what I plan to do is make a better effort to follow up within 24-hours. Secondly, I plan to get a stack of postcards printed this week and with each new graphic design order (my business is www.jmhcre8ive.com) I will send a friendly thank you postcard to the client within two to three weeks or less! I have been talking about this for over a year. It’s time to stop procrastinating JMH!

3) Implement my project management software for once and for all! I have a fabulous creative team, consultants alike and a wonderful lady named “Mother’s Love” who is ready to become the virtual admin for #teamJMH however procrastination and laziness has bit me time and time again. This week we will implement our project management system so that we can stay on track, honor commitments to clients and make the business run so much smoother than it has! I am truly excited.

Well, there you have it. Those are my goals for this week. I hope you take the time to create some as well!

P.S. – We are currently seeking 4-5 guest bloggers for this blog, The Entrepreneur Within You so if you have a knack for entrepreneurs, writing or pure inspiration, your words are welcome here! Please email us at info@jmhcre8ive.com today and give us your elevator pitch about why you should be featured! C’mon this will be fun!

P.S.S. – Here’s my visual treat to go along with this week’s post — I rewarded myself with 5 minutes of design for completing my first goal 😉



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