#entrepreneur EMPOWERMENT

#entrepreneur EMPOWERMENT


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I am briefly reflecting on the day today… when I had to dig deep and remember my very own quote ~ “there is no I in entrepreneur” from the book, The Entrepreneur Within You (Book)…

Pg. 25: REWIND.

teamwork-makes-the-dream-workAfter a few years, (three to be exact) and just a few days passed, I found myself frozen in an absolute state of confusion. I could not believe that I allowed myself to be treated in such a way by an authority figure. My boss berated me on a regular and continual basis, he embarrassed me in staff meetings, he often called me out on having minimal amounts of common sense and he told me I hadn’t done a thing since I started there three years prior except design ‘pretty well.’ He also told me I was easily replaceable. He told me he would surely find someone that would do my job and do it better. He told me I helped others on my team too much, he told me I took on too many responsibilities and he told me I didn’t even deserve the ‘cost of living’ adjustment on my three year review. There were many more things he told me during my tenure, however, I feel this may be enough for you to get the picture.

Many of the situations in the aforementioned paragraph were things that occurred often, but many of those words were spoken to me on my three-year anniversary with the company. In fact, I entered the room for my review that day with an expectation of hopefully gaining some added responsibilities in the area of marketing and design, as one of my co-workers had ‘heard it through the grapevine.’ So that day, I was actually excited to hear about some changes to come within the organization. Instead, it was gravely the opposite.
All of those dreaded words were spoken to me as if I was a third-grader getting slapped with a detention when they didn’t even know what detention was. I was talked to like a principal would speak to a student getting expelled or a criminal getting detained. I sat there for an hour and a half and took the ‘beating.’ I literally threw up inside, I fainted without fainting, I was punched in the stomach by a ghost, I was kicked in the knees by an invisible bully and I was punished by my father when my father wasn’t even in the room.

This was the ultimate end of the road for what I had called my ‘job’ for three years. Not to mention, my ‘written review’ paper claimed that I had nearly failed in every area of my work except for ‘teamwork,’ where I was rated exceptional.  This made absolutely no sense.

Le sigh …

Learn more about the journey I took in unleashing the #entrepreneur within myself, and no longer accepted any nonsense from any more BOSSES!

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p.s. Why did I write this? Well today, I had a loving, fun, LONG, enlightening conversation with mi madre. I was starting to get anxious and whiny about all of the work I have to do this weekend. The work that I love, mind you (design/graphics/homework/housework 🙁 ) but before I could get too far in my rampage, she challenged me…..

Mom had to just make sure that I am still in my entrepreneurial frame of mind!! Before I realized I was thinking to myself, oh I know she didn’t just tell me in her own suttle way, that maybe life would be easier with a J.O.B. with reliable income, consistent and steady pay… well, she did (in her own way) say something like that…

Now, I have to say it crossed my mind for the third time this year but it only stuck there for a millisecond. After re-reading my chapter in T.E.W. (THE BOOK) I quickly remembered WHY I left corporate America in the first place! Actually, that was all I needed to jolt me back to reality. It was time to get back to business after a nice week of vacation, graduations, celebrations, and a bit of procrastination. However, now it is time to WORK!!! It was just a great conversation to carefully remind me of all the reasons I <3 being an entrepreneur. Flexibility, family, passion, focus, fire, legacy, BOSSlife, dreams, desires, art. I will not go back to work. Thanks MOM 🙂

My Daily Summary for Today:
Build your business on a strong foundation of systems, processes, methods, strategies and most of all, get your TEAM in order. Always remember, there is no I in entrepreneur, so let’s get movin!!!

be.cre8ive <3 JMH


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