Unleash TEWYou!

Unleash TEWYou!

Entrepreneurship is one of the most powerful 16-letter words I’ve experienced in my life! I have experienced being a full-time business owner for the past 19 months and it jmh2has been  nothing short of the journey of a lifetime. There is no other feeling like that of taking a plunge, diving deep, jumping off the cliff and taking a leap of faith. Entrepreneurship is risky and rewarding at the same time, exciting and uncomfortable, empowering and a bit scary at once. With all that being said, the best advice I could give to a fellow ‘trep’ is to prepare yourself mentally, physically and emotionally to embrace it ALL. Fill your cup with resilience, guts, faith, motivation, inspiration, determination, business knowledge, sales, marketing and finance mindset and you’re bound to have the journey of a lifetime. The purpose of this segment on TB101 is to empower, equip and inspire entrepreneurs nationwide.

Unleash the Entrepreneur Within You

Do not discount a single event that takes place in your life, for they are the components that help to create your entire being. Your experiences were specifically designed to help build you into the GEM that you were created to be. Be grateful, for every step of the journey is the journey that was created by design especially for your life.

Every week, I seem to stop, look and listen to my inner self. I say, quite often that I just came “full circle.”  When I designed the logo for TEW over 2 years ago, something told me to use a circle.  I now know why!

Your journey as an entrepreneur requires that you have a strong circle around you. So strong that it may even resemble a chain link fence! Why is that? Well, in our daily lives, although we have strong families and even friends, there is something to be said about the strong links that make up my inner-entrepreneurial circle. These are the folks I say good mornin’ to in the morning and “Oops, I fell asleep again on Gmail chat last night on ya.”

Your circle must be strong because sometimes you become weak.

When you become the weak link, you could actually be the strength that sees your fellow entrepreneur through to the next day. Do not discount anyone unless you have reason. Embrace those that wish to connect with you in each season. Encourage those who look up to you and be humble and move one, when someone looks down on you. All of these very people, encounters or experiences are and will help you to your next level of the journey.

Embrace the entrepreneur within you.

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