Stay MOTIVATED Superstar!

Stay MOTIVATED Superstar!


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I’ve been wanting to write since Monday but the week has been so busy.


Facebook friend: I would love to know how you have the motivation….


Me: I have crazy motivation because I PROMISE I will never work for another crAzy boss in my LIFE>>>>> many negative experiences on my last job has driven me this far. I will not stop, I will not quit. I made a promise to myself to NEVER LOOK BACK.


Many positive experiences with my studying of art since I was very young and in art school to studying marketing for the past six years drives me. I am fueled and 100% motivated to help other entrepreneurs do the same (break out of the shackles of an empty job and break into something they truly LOVE). I simply can’t turn this motivation OFF!!! It’s on 24/7.


meeeeeeIt took a few years to put all of this together, while I worked 15/16 hour days on a job that I hated, I spent about 80% of those hours dreaming about how to make my dream come to life, about how to turn my graphic design hobby into a hustle, about how I could feed my family based off of something that I love so much, while also sharing the excitement of owning a business with my hubby and children! There ya have it, that is my MOTIVATION!


It is on my heart to day to encourage you to stay MOTIVATED and most of all, to trust your vision! I have seen many entrepreneurs start, stop, start, stop and before you know it a year has gone by and they have started and stopped their business ten times! I find that could be because of lack of knowledge or resource, or lack of passion, and most often, lack of motivation. As a graphic designer, I have encountered and design a few hundred logos in the past five years. Nothing makes my heart happier than seeing a motivated, determined, hustling entrepreneur ready to make their dream a reality. Often I see them from the beginning because branding is one of the first steps on their journey. But quite often, I do run into clients that are hesitant, procrastinating, fearful of making the next goal, or taking the next step. I am here to stop that. I desire to help them remain motivated and excited about their futures!


Here are some of my tips for remaining MOTIVATED at all times:

  1. Create your vision. Whether you write it down, create it on a vision board or record it in a video, be sure to concretely describe what your vision is for yourself, so that you have something to remain focused on. Yes, you’re in for a ride, but no matter how up and down it is, you have to remain focused on that vision!
  2. Seek help and support. Us entrepreneurs have BIG visions, and often many going at one time. The most important lesson that I have learned in the past few years is to seek help, ask for help, seek resources from friends and colleagues. Do not try to act out your entire vision by yourself. Why? You will get burned out! You will make mistakes. You may lose clientele because you do not have enough stamina or hours in the week to fulfill your duties. If you need resources, check with other entrepreneurs who are successful, seek assistance from the small business associations around you, or even refer to There are numerous people, places and things that can support your journey.
  3. Create balance. As one of my favorite mentors says, “you cannot pour from an empty cup” you must fill your cup first before pouring into your business and into others. Seek a balance in your life from running your business, working (if you work), spending time with family and friends, and spending time alone, so that you can focus on your dreams. If you are out of balance, most likely you might crash (google “entrepreneurial crashes” and you’ll find out what I mean by this).
  4. Celebrate your milestones. One way I have learned to keep my motivation cup flowing is to celebrate the milestones in my business, in my school endeavors, and in my home. There is nothing more joyous than celebrating an occasion or experience that you have just overcome or endured. If you hit a milestone, or a great achievement in your business, you deserve to celebrate it. Share the excitement with others, share it on social media, share it on your blog, share it in your networking groups. It’s very important to your success to know that you are making things happen, even in strides, and even when life seems a bit tough!
  5. Don’t talk about it, be about it. You are your brand! Share your vision with the world. If you are in business you have to be your own brand ambassador everywhere you go. Keep making connections, keep seeking out new opportunities, keep shining your bright and passion-filled spirit with the world, and everything you need will come back to you. Do not just “talk” about what you are going to do in your business, DO IT! BE IT! ACHIEVE IT, because you can!


We encourage you to fully unleash the entrepreneur within you and stay on your course. Stay MOTIVATED because these are your dreams!  


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