My Testimony by JMH

My Testimony by JMH

22 months ago I was preparing to pack my ‪#‎cubicle‬ in anticipation of my 10.28 quit day. Yep, I was packing that *&%$!@# 2 months early.

Every morning I’d pump {{} saying I know there is something better, something more for me, something more fulfilling, somethingimages more along the lines of what I was created for. I prayed, and prayed that he would show me the path, when I could not see two feet in front of me. I said, just USE ME for whatever you need to, Lord knows someone needs you.

No more cubes. No more dead-end feelings inside. No more water cooler B.S., no more feeling used and abused by authorities. No more dwelling in the past about what should have been my future. I had to make a gut-wrenching, faith filled, fearful yet powerful decision to BE MY OWN BOSS.

No one said it was easy breezy, and no one still says it. But, I promise, when you build something from scratch (just like baking that cake) it cannot be compromised by anyone. Why? Because it’s YOURS.

I built this city from the ground up, and I share it in hopes that you will do the same. You know my tagline —– c’mon…. “UNLEASH the entrepreneur within you”

  • 5 years ago, taught myself how to do graphic design
  • 4 years ago, took some sales and marketing courses so I could sell
  • 3 years ago, wrote that business plan for JMH Art & Design
  • 2 years ago, wrote that quit letter to the lovely boss
  • 1 year ago, published The Entrepreneur Within You (Book)

_MG_0271Today, I am just in awe. Celebrating, empowering, equipping and encouraging all of my fellow entrepreneurs to keep it moving, keep on your grind, keep planning your next move(s), you deserve it. Design your LIFE, exactly how you envision it. No one can do it, but you. And no one deserves it more than you.








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