4 Tools for Business Moms to Expand Their Blogs

A successful blog requires more than just a little expertise, personality, creativity and talent. Whether you manage a blog to support your business or started a blog for fun, the following tools can help your site grow and thrive.

Smartphone for Mobile Blogging

If you’re like most business-focused, entrepreneurial moms, you’re probably guilty of carrying a bag occupied by a collection of digital devices that help you survive the day. From a tablet for keeping your little one entertained to your smartphone for ongoing personal communication, your devices all serve a purpose. Designate a BlackBerry cell phone or other professional device for all your small business-related activity; including editing, updating, optimizing and sharing blog posts while being mobile.

Manage your blog and create new posts anywhere, anytime, with a WordPress app. Because of most smartphone technological capacities, you can also efficiently and easily use it as an Internet researching and social networking tool for content and blog promotion. Subsequently, while away from the desk and computer, you can frequently update blog followers.

Pinterest for Driving Traffic

Unless your blog continues to acquire loyal followers and attract new visitors, it can eventually turn into a desolate and useless space. The photo-sharing app Pinterest is not just for organizing healthy dinner recipes and bookmarking favorite fashion inspirations, it’s a social media tool that can continually drive traffic to your blog. If you can post organic content that’s interesting enough to get re-pinned, a single pin can result in repeatedly generated blog traffic. Pinterest users will turn into new blog visitors. New blog visitors can turn into new customers or clients, which equates to small business victories.

With more than 4,500 Pinterest followers, Isra ​Hashmi of The Frugalette shares that a Pinterest account can be a “traffic-driving machine,” spotlights TheSocialCraft.com. Pinterest strategies include creating boards and posting pins that appeal to your readership, consistently pinning — at least one pin a day, and optimizing blog content to be Pinterest-friendly (i.e. adding a Pinterest button and visually appealing photo).

Social Media for Giveaways

Maximize your business space on social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and even Instagram to host and promote contests. Leveraging giveaways can increase website traffic, enhance your brand, draw awareness to your products or services and increase engagement or foster connections, highlights MaximizeSocialBusinesscom. By building awareness about your blog or products through a contest, for example, your online brand will naturally experience digital word-of-mouth marketing. A single share or re-tweet of your sweepstakes can result in new Facebook likes and Twitter followers. “Free” and “win” attract people. Then people will invest in your social media activity and blog content if you continually promote sweepstakes and contests.

Guest Posting for Followers & Outreach

A blog without enticing and valuable content is a waste of digital space. Guest posting is an excellent content tool — it establishes blog authority and attracts new followers to your site. Guest posts from credible and experienced authors helps with brand building.

By opening yourself up to guest posting, you can experience:

  • Increased search engine results rankings and results, plus domain name authority
  • Popularity, networking and blogging outreach for new connections and followers
  • High-quality content and active posting




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About the TEW Founder + Our Purpose

About the TEW Founder + Our Purpose

jmh2About Julie M. Holloway (JMH)

Julie M. Holloway is a multi-passion entrepreneur based in Chicago, Illinois. Her love for the arts began at the early age of 8. After high-school she attended Ringling School of Art & Design, DePaul and The Art Institute of Chicago where she took a variety of art courses and is currently pursuing her BA in Business Administration with a Marketing Focus at Capella University. The first sixteen years of her career, Holloway worked in various roles at companies such as Accenture, Home Depot, Nike and Oce Printing only to realize her passion and potential has and always will lie in the creative industry.  After three years of moonlighting as an intrapreneur, while working a 12-14 hour work day, Holloway was spending 2-4 hours per night on her graphic design business. One day she woke up and realized it was her time to pursue her passion as a creative entrepreneur and took the ultimate leap of faith and left her full-time career in corporate America.

Holloway opened JMH Cre8ive Solutions in November, 2011 and has experienced tremendous growth and an expansion of creative design, print and web services along with her team of co-entrepreneurs. With an enormous heart and hunger for collaborating and assisting entrepreneurs carry through their creative vision, the business continues to flourish. Not too long ago, a colleague labeled JMH as the “dream midwife” because she has helped, encouraged, counseled and mentored many clients and colleagues as they pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.


The TEW Vision

In November 2012 Holloway authored a book titled The Entrepreneur Within You (TEW). She organized this inspirational entrepreneurship anthology with 18 contributing authors withtew2a-(2)---Copy hopes of empowering, inspiring and equipping entrepreneurs nationwide to pursue their passions and dreams.  The crew is currently working on volume two which will introduce another 17 contributors. From her infamous “quit day” in 2011 JMH continues to inspire, encourage and equip her colleagues as well as pefect strangers with hope and inspiration of following their life’s journey.

The TEW movement continues beyond the book from a power-hour inspirational TEW Radio Show on Wednesdays at 11:30am Central Time with her co-author Nicole Knox (http://www.blogtalkradio.com/tewradio) to live workshops, speaking engagements and book signings for the TEW Crew and TEW jr. club, she is on a mission. Holloway has truly found and tapped into her creative abilities and is living the entrepreneurial dream of moving from hobby to hustle, or in other words turning her passion into a profit.

In her spare time, JMH spends quality and creative time with her husband Darnell, children Jasmine (11) and D.J. (6) who are also emerging entrepreneurs. Together, the family loves sports, games, the Chicago White Sox, playing mini-golf and going to various events together. The kids are learning a bit about entrepreneurship by authoring books, selling soy wax candles, t-shirts, journals and Vitner’s Hot Corn chips at events. You can find out more about the Holloway’s retail business line at www.jmhgoodies.com!


Let’s Connect







Media: http://theentrepreneurwithin.org/media/



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