5 Basic Business Essentials for New Momtrepreneurs

One single mishap can take incoming sales and ongoing business growth into mayhem. While fulfilling the daily obligations of motherhood and managing a small business a momtrepreneur can get overwhelmed and reach the point of floundering. I’ve had Capri Suns drip onto important documents and I’ve missed client meetings because of soccer matches. As a mompreneur, I find that sticking to a few set guidelines will help me stay on task, scale up my new business and keep my two kids alive— without losing my mind.

1. Organize Your Space

From cleaning up the house, transporting kids to school and private lessons and planning meals, carving out time to work on business is certainly not easy. It can be tempting to leave supplies scattered in the work room because, well, we just don’t have the time to put them away, right? Don’t do this, trust me. A messy office makes it much harder to get work done when you need to. For a mom who still struggles with multitasking, I organize by placing a so-called “delivery box” (or bin) in the office. If you want to use one in your home office, it is a great place to put everything non-work related to get to later. This way, you can stash toys, personal items and other non-work items in this drawer and put them all away when you have the time.

2. Work Before Sunrise

Without a clear work schedule, it’s easy to let the little things invade your time. Make work a priority by scheduling blocks of time throughout the day when you can work. While the kids are at playdates or taking naps, you can accomplish a lot— but only if you’re prepared for it. I’m an early riser, so I work in the early morning before my children wake up. A solution some other moms may find helpful.

3. Bulk Up On Supplies

Once a month, I take an inventory of supplies, notate whatever’s getting low, and order in bulk to maintain workflow. If money is tight, use your credit card, keep track of the balance on AmericanExpress.com and pay it down as you are able. Moms who skip this step may find themselves paying more for a needed item because they didn’t plan ahead. I’ve been there.

4. Maximize Your Network

Moms are constantly running into other moms at sports games, grocery stores and shopping malls. Turn this into your advantage by talking up your business each time you mingle with other moms. I keep business cards with me and hand them out when I talk up my business. Consider doing some work for free, showcasing graphic design skills by illustrating the school play program, for example. This gets your name out there and builds goodwill in the community, both great things for business.

5. Surrender to Support

Being a mom and a business owner is a stressful combination. When times get tough, don’t forget to ask for support from the family. When I’m on a tight deadline, my husband always offers to make dinner or take the kids to a movie. If your children are older, they may enjoy helping with tasks.

These organizing tips help you focus on growing your business by breaking down organization, marketing and fulfillment into concrete tasks. As you continue to be a WAHM entrepreneur, you will develop your own unique tips for getting things done faster.



Ginger Willis

Ginger is a mom and avid reader from the Northwest. She runs a small consulting business from her home and enjoys writing about parenting and social media trends.

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