dreamBIG #entrepreneur

dreamBIG #entrepreneur


















Dreams are real.

Pay attention.

Write them down.

Speak them.

Create them.

Execute them.

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Entrepreneurship begins with dreams. We get new ideas through the generation and mutations of random thought. Some of these may be rejected by our minds as useless, while others may be seen as valuable and are retained.

It is these ideas we consider valuable that causes our minds to generate reasonable grounds for belief, which in turn stirs the exceptional intellect or creative powers that reside with in each one of us.


Dreams are More Important than Age to Entrepreneurs

Remember the traits of the entrepreneur I discussed earlier? None of them mentioned age. That’s because anyone has the ability to start a business and become an entrepreneur. But not everyone has the burning desire to try and accomplish the dreams that are filling their minds with hope and excitement. You can do it!

Entrepreneurial dreams do come true for those who take action and are willing to learn from their mistakes!


This article was #confirmation tonight as we push forward in our dreams! 

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