A Cry For Workplace Gender Equality For Women

A Cry For Workplace Gender Equality For Women

Paper workIn spring of last year, Fiona Hotstron Moore, corporate partner at London accountancy firm Reeves and Huffington Post contributor, was derisively optimistic that the Chancellor would address during his Autumn Statement how more women could become entrepreneurs. She criticized the governmental structure of society for the barriers that prevent educated and motivated working professionals from starting a business. Women especially experience economical limitations because they’re the matriarchs of our society who typically sacrifice a rewarding job to care for the family and manage the home.

Because of gender segregation naturally established by cultural tradition, women can feel forced to choose between taking care of a family at home or working full-time at the office. It can feel like an either-or struggle. But every year that a mother stays absent from the workforce, her future wages lower by an estimated 5 percent, according to UK Feminista.

“Mum-trepreneurship” is a bridge that can eliminate the disconnect between motherhood and a career path — but not without an improvement in state support. What kind of support? Mum-trepreneur advocate Moore explains that free full-time nursery care for pre-school children, loans to back business ideas and a Government website that provides women with financial and marketing solutions can all help women with children run a business.

Familial responsibilities and entrepreneurship aside, UK working women face stark realities. They’re more likely to be unemployed, experience job insecurity and encounter pay inequality compared to other developed countries, according to PwC, an accounting and consultancy network. Female economic empowerment and general equality of earnings seem to be regressing, implies Simon English of The Independent. Since the recession hit, the limited female participation in the workforce and gender pay gap in the UK remains a somber societal mainstay. A halt in workplace gender equality cries out to organizations to take action by promoting females and establishing professional diversity.

In 2013, women looked forward to the Autumn Statement, perhaps just to hear confirmations for their convictions. To put borrow from the words of ToUChstone, TUC’s blog dedicated to newsy policy issues, “women were left behind” in the speech delivered by George Osborne. The Women’s Budget Group reiterated that female unemployment for women (4 percent) has dropped half as fast as for men (9 percent) since 2011.

The Telegraph’s Gloria de Piero, spokesperson for Labour and MP of Ashfield, echoes these same sentiments. “Women are hurting,” says de Piero, “and women’s real incomes have taken a battering.” She explains that women will pay three times more than men in 2014 and 2015 because of “changes to direct tax, tax credits, social security, pay and pensions,” according to a House of Commons Library analysis. A seemingly non-beneficial marriage tax break, along with rising costs of childcare, leave families in struggle.

Brits continue to cry out — women can’t seize economic opportunities that aren’t available. UN Women of the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women shares that its Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs) offers businesses guidance on how to “empower women in the workplace, marketplace and community.” The Think, Act, Report initiative by Government also provides a framework for how companies can address “issues such as recruitment, retention, promotion and pay,” thus improving workplace gender inequality.

Margaret Cole, an executive board member at PwC, believes boards should take responsibility for providing young women with visible and inspirational role models. Moore suggests that women professionals should establish and connect with local professional networking groups to exchange ideas and share experiences with a like-minded community. Businesses can also encourage more female individuals to stand up as mentors and motivate other women who feel trapped or discouraged while job searching or starting their own businesses.


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Carmine Hubbell

Retired human resources generalist, career consultant, volunteer

The article that 360 Degree created on their blog, “I’m Not A Number I’m A Free Man” is a great read and it is about making workplaces more “human”.

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Congratulations Donna Smith Bellinger – TEW2 co-author on your “Women Who Change the World” leadership award!

Congratulations Donna Smith Bellinger – TEW2 co-author on your “Women Who Change the World” leadership award!

Donna Finals-4226D-2Our fellow co-author of The Entrepreneur Within You Volume 2 (coming Spring, 2014) has been given a “Women Who Change the World” leadership award from In Her Shoes Foundation’s Little Black Dress 2014 Gala this week!

See the exciting news below!

Ladies and gents:

Please welcome another inspiring woman, Donna Smith Bellinger, who is not only one of our sponsors for the Little Black Dress but is another winner of the “Women Who Change the World” Leadership Awards! Thank you Donna for all your support and positivity! You are an amazing woman!

Donna Smith Bellinger, also known as the “Advancement Strategist”, is a business strategist, speaker, author, radio personality and award winning community leader.

Register for the event:  https://www.facebook.com/events/210769552431198/

Visit Donna online:  www.donnasmithbellinger.com

From the C Suite to Kitchen Table CEO’s (KTC), Donna Smith Bellinger has successfully inspired, coached, mentored and trained hundreds to raise their visibility, laser focus their goals and create a more productive and profitable lifestyle.


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Congratulations to Shaniqua Jones, TEW1 co-author!

Congratulations to Shaniqua Jones, TEW1 co-author!

209019_3869897959495_1284437938_nCongratulations to Shaniqua Jones, TEW1 co-author on her nomination for Governors State University’s Black Women Rock – Miz Entrepreneur 2014!

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Awards will be presented to Governors State University students, faculty, administrators, a community leaders and a rising star who are all making strides at the university and beyond.

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Congrats to our Jr. Entrepreneur!

Congrats to our Jr. Entrepreneur!

1948251_10203103022518053_2075981061_nContact:  Tiffany M. Stevens







(Chicago, IL – March 8, 2014) The Annual Women’s Empowerment Luncheon, to be held on March 8th at The Legacy Luxury Event Venue, will celebrate women while “Embracing Our Past and Fearlessly Facing Our Future”.


Sharing their diverse paths to success and personal stories, this year’s roster of honorees includes Dr. Natalie King, Jasmine M. Holloway, Brenda D. Taylor, and Vallorie O’Neil.


The keynote speaker for this event is Dr. Traci Dennard.  Traci is an author, motivational speaker, and strategist.  She empowers others by showing them how to get mentally unstuck and how they can leave their past behind so they can walk in their purpose.  Those that come into her world are inspired and find solutions to their financial distress.  Traci helps to jump start those old ideas and motivate people to turn them into income streams.  Michele Aikens, President & CEO of SepiaPrimeWoman will serve as our Mistress of Ceremony.  Michele is known for motivating and encouraging women to make BOLD moves.


This inspirational and empowering luncheon takes place from 11:00 am to 3:00 p.m., and includes luncheon, award ceremony, entertainment, door prizes and vendors. _MG_0240There will also be networking opportunities for attendees as well as book signings from three of the honorees. Tickets are $35.00 each; tables are available for $250.00 and sponsorship opportunities are available and range in prices from $250.00 to $1,000.00.  Individuals are also able to advertise their business or well wishes for honorees or the foundation in our ad book.  Ads range from $25.00 to $100.00 each.


This event is being sponsored by City.Alert.com, D. Moore Photography, SepiaPrimeWoman, The Stevens Academy of Life and A Fancy Occasion.


For additional information, or to register, call 773-875-9060 or visit The G.L.A.M Foundation’s website at www.theglamfoundation.org.


~ hope you can join us! ~ 



Jasmine’s website is www.jmhcandles.com


 About The G.L.A.M Foundation

The mission of The G.L.A.M Foundation is to Give Love and Motivation to Empower, Encourage and Equip female victims and survivors of domestic and sexual violence with the necessary tools and resources that will awaken their innate divine potential, so that they can restore hope and healing and eventually live the healthy, joyful and abundant lives that they were created to live.  The foundation offers free and confidential individual and group counseling to survivors that qualify and reduced and sliding scale fees based on financial need for others.  We also offer a mentoring program for girls 7-17 years old as well as peer support, street outreach, and advocacy. For more information about our services, please visit our website www.theglamfoundation.org.

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Sharing…The Entrepreneur’s Essential Bookshelf

Sharing…The Entrepreneur’s Essential Bookshelf

We recently came across some great information via Software Advice COO Austin Merritt’s team (click here). So, I immediately started checking out some of the books on his shelf, being _MG_0271that our main purpose here at TEW is to inspire and encourage entrepreneurs to live their DREAMS! Knowing we cannot do it alone; sometimes we need to turn a few pages of a few great books.

Austin’s website states that as these four areas comprise material you don’t typically learn in school, this reading can help entrepreneurs at any experience level learn valuable skills needed to grow their company.

The four areas (which he describes in more detail here), include:

  • Business Strategy: These books cover the high-level, conceptual stuff that you may initially think is most important–though you’ll come to realize that the other categories are just as vital.

  • Sales Strategy: While a book can’t exactly teach you sales strategy, these books will at least familiarize you with lessons you’ll really learn when you get out there and start selling.

  • Hiring and Management: These books cover how to find and manage the right people, and how crucial this is to your company’s success:

  • Personal Development and Strategy: These cover how to develop personally in order to success as a professional.

I am currently making my way through GOOD to Great and Selling 101. Both are very inspiring, uplifting and very on point for what I am going through in my company right now (growth) and (elevation).

Hope you can take some time to check out Austin’s list! We really hope that one day, TEW will make it to that list 🙂


Thanks for reading!


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