Kidpreneur + Mompreneur Experiences

Kidpreneur + Mompreneur Experiences

by: JMH

So about last night. . . we have a huge brainstorming session, right…. Her “online” boutique followed by a storefront is in the works. She calls it the Boss Boutique. I start researching, _MG_02122aand break the news that www. bossboutique .com is taken by someone else on godaddy so instead I purchased for her “” ~ Mom here is all excited b/c we share the same JMH initials right…. she’s gonna say, nope; sorry I don’t want that one cuz the “people” are going to think it’s yours mom because it starts with JMH….. (like I’m trying to steal her biz)

I had to go there….. I pulled out the talk about how a) I named her after @jasmine guy back in 2002, but really, b) I named her so that we would have the ‘same’ artist initials “JMH” so that one day I could pass down my legacy to her hopefully she understands now!

We’re rollin’ with the JMH Boss Boutique and it’s all yours baby girl! As our girl Vau’ve Anais says, “build a brand, start a LEGACY” and that’s how we roll here at @JMH…..


Check us out at:, and!

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Praise for TEW

Praise for TEW

The TEW Crew is so grateful for all of the great feedback we have received for book #1. We as a team are extremely proud that book 2 will soon launch! Grab your copy today – click on the SHOP page above!


“The second volume of TEW (The Entrepreneur Within) makes clear:300

If you’re waiting for life to get out of the way before starting your business – Fuhgetaboutit!

If you do, you will never get started.

Each of the 18 featured entrepreneurs share compelling personal stories. They rise, fall, reflect and rise again. An important read if you want to start a business. Tells you what to expect, avoid and, most importantly, how to achieve success.”

Walter M. Perkins

Author, Write Right – Right Now – The Book

Available on




“Awesome book. I was propelled to action to move forward with my business after reading The Entrepreneur Within. Great read!” – Karen




“If I had to describe this book in one word: AUTHENTIC! I love how the authors shared real world trials and triumphs they experienced during their entrepreneurial journey. No matter how smart and savvy we are, we can only learn so much from our own experiences and from our own research. Learning from the experiences of others enables us to truly accelerate our growth! Therefore, my biggest take away from this book is the collective experiences and knowledge shared by the TEW Crew.” – Charmin




“The entire book is filled with valuable insight! There are always things that every small business owner is thinking but never willing to say out loud, this book says it for you. Maybe it is that you are fearful of going out of the box and breaking away from the security of corporate America or maybe you have a fear of failure, whatever it is, this book will help you walk through every aspect of being a successful entrepreneur.” – Steve




“The Entrepreneur Within You, written by Julie M. Holloway plus the TEWCrew, and published by 220 Communications, is an excellent anthology that kept my attention from the beginning until the end. Each story provides some great insight into the world of entrepreneurship. Whether you’re contemplating becoming an entrepreneur or someone that has been in business for a while, this book is for you. There are stories that talk about how to overcome the obstacles of making the leap to entrepreneurship, the importance of sound relationship building to your business success, dealing with procrastination, overcoming the fear of being in business for yourself, the importance of marketing, understanding the tenacity that it takes to operate a successful business and many other pertinent subjects, you will walk away from each story with some valuable nuggets of information.”. – CJ McCullom


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Unleash Your Passion-Purpose

Unleash Your Passion-Purpose

by Laura E. Knights
I read a shocking statistic the other day in a recent Gallup poll.  Sadly, a whopping 70% of those surveyed in Gallup’s 2013 State of the American Workplace report, either hate their jobs or reported being completely disengaged.  The survey respondents shared that incentives and extras did nothing to help the situation.

Given that the full-time worker works a MINIMUM of 8 hours a day (a third of your day!), this is TRAGIC.  SEVENTY PERCENT!

Your work plays a large role in your life.  In the right spot, it can bring a sense of accomplishment, purpose, and esteem that you are contributing your gifts and talents to the world.  I’ve been blessed to experience this, and it’s really a personal mission of mine to help others experience it, too.  Can you imagine how transformative our workplaces could be if people were actually contributing their BEST skills and talents AND LOVED the work they were doing, too?

I know the issue is complex and has multiple variables, but I think a large part is being clear on what you offer (skills, knowledge, talents, etc.), and what you LOVE to do.  When you get clear on that, hone your skills, gain mastery, and then put yourself in a place that allows you to give THAT….it’s magical.

Have you dreamed about starting your own business and making a living doing work you love?
Or maybe you are working a job that provides for you, but is not scoring very high on your passion or purpose meter?  If you answered YES to either, keep reading.

I use the term “Passion-Purpose” with my clients to describe the place where your unique talents and skills intersect with a need where you can serve the world and make a living.  I’ve uncovered my passion-purpose in my speaking, coaching, and my other endeavors to help people push past adversity to walk in their full potential.  


This is a liberating place to be, and I want to share three steps to help you expose your passion-purpose.

But quickly, before I do that, I have to discuss a few intentional words I use when speaking and coaching about unleashing one’s passion-purpose.  For instance, I don’t say “find” your passion-purpose.

Instead, I use words like “expose” or “uncover” because your unique talents and how you can use them to serve the world are not lost.  They are a part of you, just as your eyes, nose, and hands are.Often times the gifts we have to offer have been suppressed or buried under other stuff. So, do you need to launch a search to “find” them.  No, you just have to go within to uncover them and bring them to the light.Next, I use the word “unleash” to convey the powerful action that is required to set these gifts free in your life.  To unleash means to set in motion forcefully, to be free from, to set loose to pursue or run at will, to abandon control of…you get the point….POWERFUL stuff, right?

For any change to occur, action is required.  Actually, I would argue that action is required before your mindset changes.  If there’s a big dream you’ve had and fear has kept you from acting on it, I dare you to start taking baby steps towards the dream.  You will find that by taking action, your faith starts to increase, you realize you CAN DO this, you start to believe, and things start to happen.

This is what coaching is all about…holding people accountable to take action.

Now that those semantics are out the way…here are a three steps to unleashing YOUR passion-purpose:


1. Do some serious self- study to expose it.  It has often always been there in various manifestations.  Reflect on your life to figure out what it is. I caution against just trying to come up with a single word.  Instead, think of it as a “portfolio” of related skills and interests.

Some questions to help you reflect include: What has always come naturally to you? What kinds of experiences have you always been drawn to from childhood to present?  What would you do if you won the lottery?  What do other people often tell you you are good at?

2. Linger with it. Take the time you need to roll it over in your head.  Often times, our natural tendency is to resolve uncertainty by rushing to judgment.  I compare it to the experience of being uncomfortable with that awkward period of silence when we are in a conversation with someone.  We feel we have to hurry up and say something to fill that space, even if what we say is really not that meaningful.  Don’t do that.  Just hold the idea and sit with it for a bit.

3. Try it on for size.  Before jumping into full commitment, explore what it might be like to actually do that thing.  Volunteer, join someone else’s endeavor, become an intern at someone else’s business, or start out with a low-risk side hustle.  Don’t quit your day job just yet.  See how it feels first.

I guarantee that fear and self-doubt will creep up.

Remember, action first, then mindset change. Allow yourself to feel the fear and then DO IT ANYWAY!

Are you fulfilled at your current job?  If not, what do you dream of doing?  Reply and let me know your thoughts, or post to my Facebook page. I’d love to hear from you!


Laura E. Knights, MSW is an author, speaker, and coach that has worked with hundreds of people through her M-Powered Workshop Series, training modules, mastermind groups, and popular coaching programs.  Laura teaches people how to create a life of meaning and purpose that transforms their self-identity, work, and relationships to help them break through to higher levels of happiness and success. She also provides powerful advice, breakthrough techniques, and other resources to her many subscribers via her M-Powered Living! e-newsletter.  You can join the M-Powered Community and sign up to receive a FREE gift and a subscription to her e-newsletter at


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The Formula for a Happy Entrepreneur

The Formula for a Happy Entrepreneur

The Formula for a Happy Entrepreneur by Julie Holloway


What makes up the formula for a happy entrepreneur?

Here’s what I think:vectorstock_1516931-[Converted]2

This may sound simple, but first and foremost,
be happy with your decision to be an entrepreneur or small business owner. If you are questioning yourself inside, questioning your abilities or reasoning for doing what you are doing, you will never be happy. Do it because it’s doing something that you truly love or are wholeheartedly passionate about, and do not do it for any other reason.

Embarking into entrepreneurship whether full or part-time, is a journey! You must ensure that your confidence levels are at an all-time high! You are bound to get hit from the left and right with challenges that question your actions, skills and philosophies on a regular basis. As long as you stay true to who you are, and what your goals are, you are bound to be happy. Have the confidence to demand the respect and value for your work, whatever your industry. If you do not, you will find yourself broke and unhappy.

In my days in corporate America I was quiet and shy, timid and hardly ever spoke what was on my mind. Speaking from experience, that gets you nowhere very fast. In your quest to be a successful entrepreneur, one must be bold, take risks, endure challenges and step back up again with courage. When I ventured into entrepreneurship, full-time, fear and courage (which often go hand in hand) were my first two tasks! With a little coaching and a lot of experimenting, overcoming and defeating the challenges that were hindering me early on as an entrepreneur truly made me happy inside.

This is one of my favorite quotes about fear having courage: “I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.” — Nelson Mandela

Stop. Collaborate and listen. An entrepreneur will never be truly happy if they do not learn to collaborate with others. Think about all of the departments that a small corporation is made up of. Now, think to yourself, how can I possibly be “every” department within my small business? It’s impossible. Do not try to do everything yourself. You are bound to be much happier if you learn to create a team. Collaborate with others in your industry. Delegate the tasks that you dislike with those who actually enjoy them. You know the old saying, “stay in your lane.” Do the things that you do well, and outsource or collaborate on the rest; and your happiness will skyrocket!

Do something for yourself each morning before you handle any client related business. For me, I take the time to check on my own social media pages, listen to my favorite uplifting songs and take a few moments to gratefully give thanks for the journey ahead, and the blessings of the past. Before I handle any client business I take time for me, and it truly makes me happy inside.

Do not go a day without giving thanks to the opportunities that have crossed your path. Gratitude is one of the most powerful tools in your entrepreneurial toolkit. If you are not grateful for your experiences, your clients, your family, your gifts, your blessings, your challenges, what are you doing then? The more you practice gratitude inside and out, the happier the energy will be that comes back around your way. Many people who are unhappy, simply do not know how or do not make the effort to first give thanks for all that they have. They are typically focused on their insecurities and what they are lacking. Be happy. Be grateful!

My favorite word is creativity!  Take a little time each day to do something wildly creative. Whatever your profession is, there will always be room for creativity. Whether you are artistic or not, there are many ways to live creatively. Express your feelings through writing, music, art, social media, presentations and performance. Whether you are an accountant presenting new services to your clients, or a graphic designer presenting new concepts to your clients, there is always room to spice it up and insert your own personal form of creativity in all that you do. I find that when I am extra creative for my own brand, or through activities with my children or even during my own creative personal inflection time, I am much happier once I have expressed what I am feeling inside! If you are a creative in  your profession, take some time on the “side” outside of your client engagements to do creative things for yourself. It’s such a fun feeling.

Get out of the house! As entrepreneurs, we tend to work extremely long hours and in some cases can feel a bit bogged down. Wherever you work, whether in your home, a shared office, a boutique, an agency, be sure to take some time to roam. Plan one activity a week where you will go out and engage with others, whether a coffee date, a networking event, a social function or even a sporting event. Just take that time, to ensure that you are not isolating yourself. I used to look up and before I knew it, the weekend rolled around, and I had not left my home-office all week. Now, I take one day a week (most weeks) to meet with a client, friend or family member for some social time, or attend an event to network. It has made a huge improvement in my overall happy barometer in my second year as a full-time entrepreneur.

You are what you eat. For me, that means I am made up of smoothies, seafood and coffee! The past few months I have altered my diet and exercise routine and it has truly brought my happiness out.  Our family typically eats fairly healthy; however working from home, at a desk, 8-12 hours on a given day does not amount to very much movement at all. For the past few years I have put on a few extra pounds because I have not been as mobile as I was when I worked a corporate job. With that, all of the experts say that it is truly best to eat well, sleep well and get out and exercise! So, this year I finally decided to join a gym. My happiness meter has again risen like never before. Why? Well, most likely because I am finally taking care of my body, mind and spirit in a much healthier manner. What will you do to make your body smile this week?


Be Happy!

Love, JMH


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Promoting Your Event Using Twitter

With the advent of social media there are now more ways than ever to promote your event. One such example is Twitter. No longer do you have to market what you have to offer to people who could be interested, by tapping into Twitter you can identify people who have a genuine interest in your area. You want to promote the event to people that actually want to attend and Twitter can help you do this. Providing you with access to whole new audiences, Twitter allows you to conduct research before taking any action.

Here are some tips on how to help you promote your conference through Twitter:

Get access to Twitter analytics

Allowing you to measure engagement and learn how to make your tweets more successful, getting access to Twitter analytics simply involves setting up a small Twitter ad campaign. Once you have done this, you will have access to tools which will help you understand which of your tweets are working and how people are responding to them. This information can be useful to identify patterns and specific content that is performing well. This insight may be used to distinguish the next course of action to take.

Look at who your competitors are following

Identify who their most influential followers are. Using a tool such as FollowerWonk you will be able to explore and grow your social reach. Find out who your followers are, who they follow, where these people are located and how often they tweet. These will be the kinds of people that you should be approaching about attending the conference, and it also provides a good networking opportunity. You can then look at the people that follow them. Remember that they will only be following someone if they are interested in the content that they are posting, so it is a good idea to build connections with people that may want to attend your event.
Utilise hashtags

Hashtags are a very effective way of finding out who is talking about specific topics. It is very easy to view these in a list, so you are only looking at tweets about a particular hashtag. Consider using a tool such as hshtags which can help you locate influential people through the hashtags that they use.

Repeat tweets

If your followers are following lots of other people, they may end up missing your tweets. Not everybody scrolls down their entire timeline, so it is crucial for you to repeat the more significant tweets in order to increase the coverage that they receive. However, you do need to ensure that you are not bombarding other people’s timelines because this may lead them to unfollow you. Once you have been tweeting, you can use Twitter analytics to view their impact and see how people are responding to them. Look at your competitors and what they are tweeting about, this will give you a good idea of whether you are doing things right.

Get attendees to tweet about it

If people are attending, you can ask them to tweet about it. This will help to gain exposure, and you can then encourage them to tweet their thoughts once the event is over. This will be a good way to gain feedback on the event and it is also an effective means of notifying people about future events.

Twitter is a great resource and is a prominent tool that can be used as part of your event planning strategy. You can tweet about your event and find creative ways to catch people’s attention. Ensure that you use hashtags as this can increase the amount of people that view your tweets. It is also important to use Twitter analytics in order to examine how people are engaging with the content that you are posting. You may need to alter your strategy so it is worth identifying whether your current tweets are achieving results.
Guest Blogger:

Dean Ronnie

Conference Care


Here are some of the photos from our first TEW Book Launch 11.18.12! TEW2 is coming this spring ~ stay tuned!



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