Promoting Your Event Using Twitter

With the advent of social media there are now more ways than ever to promote your event. One such example is Twitter. No longer do you have to market what you have to offer to people who could be interested, by tapping into Twitter you can identify people who have a genuine interest in your area. You want to promote the event to people that actually want to attend and Twitter can help you do this. Providing you with access to whole new audiences, Twitter allows you to conduct research before taking any action.

Here are some tips on how to help you promote your conference through Twitter:

Get access to Twitter analytics

Allowing you to measure engagement and learn how to make your tweets more successful, getting access to Twitter analytics simply involves setting up a small Twitter ad campaign. Once you have done this, you will have access to tools which will help you understand which of your tweets are working and how people are responding to them. This information can be useful to identify patterns and specific content that is performing well. This insight may be used to distinguish the next course of action to take.

Look at who your competitors are following

Identify who their most influential followers are. Using a tool such as FollowerWonk you will be able to explore and grow your social reach. Find out who your followers are, who they follow, where these people are located and how often they tweet. These will be the kinds of people that you should be approaching about attending the conference, and it also provides a good networking opportunity. You can then look at the people that follow them. Remember that they will only be following someone if they are interested in the content that they are posting, so it is a good idea to build connections with people that may want to attend your event.
Utilise hashtags

Hashtags are a very effective way of finding out who is talking about specific topics. It is very easy to view these in a list, so you are only looking at tweets about a particular hashtag. Consider using a tool such as hshtags which can help you locate influential people through the hashtags that they use.

Repeat tweets

If your followers are following lots of other people, they may end up missing your tweets. Not everybody scrolls down their entire timeline, so it is crucial for you to repeat the more significant tweets in order to increase the coverage that they receive. However, you do need to ensure that you are not bombarding other people’s timelines because this may lead them to unfollow you. Once you have been tweeting, you can use Twitter analytics to view their impact and see how people are responding to them. Look at your competitors and what they are tweeting about, this will give you a good idea of whether you are doing things right.

Get attendees to tweet about it

If people are attending, you can ask them to tweet about it. This will help to gain exposure, and you can then encourage them to tweet their thoughts once the event is over. This will be a good way to gain feedback on the event and it is also an effective means of notifying people about future events.

Twitter is a great resource and is a prominent tool that can be used as part of your event planning strategy. You can tweet about your event and find creative ways to catch people’s attention. Ensure that you use hashtags as this can increase the amount of people that view your tweets. It is also important to use Twitter analytics in order to examine how people are engaging with the content that you are posting. You may need to alter your strategy so it is worth identifying whether your current tweets are achieving results.
Guest Blogger:

Dean Ronnie

Conference Care


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