Unleash Your Passion-Purpose

Unleash Your Passion-Purpose

by Laura E. Knights
I read a shocking statistic the other day in a recent Gallup poll.  Sadly, a whopping 70% of those surveyed in Gallup’s 2013 State of the American Workplace report, either hate their jobs or reported being completely disengaged.  The survey respondents shared that incentives and extras did nothing to help the situation.

Given that the full-time worker works a MINIMUM of 8 hours a day (a third of your day!), this is TRAGIC.  SEVENTY PERCENT!

Your work plays a large role in your life.  In the right spot, it can bring a sense of accomplishment, purpose, and esteem that you are contributing your gifts and talents to the world.  I’ve been blessed to experience this, and it’s really a personal mission of mine to help others experience it, too.  Can you imagine how transformative our workplaces could be if people were actually contributing their BEST skills and talents AND LOVED the work they were doing, too?

I know the issue is complex and has multiple variables, but I think a large part is being clear on what you offer (skills, knowledge, talents, etc.), and what you LOVE to do.  When you get clear on that, hone your skills, gain mastery, and then put yourself in a place that allows you to give THAT….it’s magical.

Have you dreamed about starting your own business and making a living doing work you love?
Or maybe you are working a job that provides for you, but is not scoring very high on your passion or purpose meter?  If you answered YES to either, keep reading.

I use the term “Passion-Purpose” with my clients to describe the place where your unique talents and skills intersect with a need where you can serve the world and make a living.  I’ve uncovered my passion-purpose in my speaking, coaching, and my other endeavors to help people push past adversity to walk in their full potential.  


This is a liberating place to be, and I want to share three steps to help you expose your passion-purpose.

But quickly, before I do that, I have to discuss a few intentional words I use when speaking and coaching about unleashing one’s passion-purpose.  For instance, I don’t say “find” your passion-purpose.

Instead, I use words like “expose” or “uncover” because your unique talents and how you can use them to serve the world are not lost.  They are a part of you, just as your eyes, nose, and hands are.Often times the gifts we have to offer have been suppressed or buried under other stuff. So, do you need to launch a search to “find” them.  No, you just have to go within to uncover them and bring them to the light.Next, I use the word “unleash” to convey the powerful action that is required to set these gifts free in your life.  To unleash means to set in motion forcefully, to be free from, to set loose to pursue or run at will, to abandon control of…you get the point….POWERFUL stuff, right?

For any change to occur, action is required.  Actually, I would argue that action is required before your mindset changes.  If there’s a big dream you’ve had and fear has kept you from acting on it, I dare you to start taking baby steps towards the dream.  You will find that by taking action, your faith starts to increase, you realize you CAN DO this, you start to believe, and things start to happen.

This is what coaching is all about…holding people accountable to take action.

Now that those semantics are out the way…here are a three steps to unleashing YOUR passion-purpose:


1. Do some serious self- study to expose it.  It has often always been there in various manifestations.  Reflect on your life to figure out what it is. I caution against just trying to come up with a single word.  Instead, think of it as a “portfolio” of related skills and interests.

Some questions to help you reflect include: What has always come naturally to you? What kinds of experiences have you always been drawn to from childhood to present?  What would you do if you won the lottery?  What do other people often tell you you are good at?

2. Linger with it. Take the time you need to roll it over in your head.  Often times, our natural tendency is to resolve uncertainty by rushing to judgment.  I compare it to the experience of being uncomfortable with that awkward period of silence when we are in a conversation with someone.  We feel we have to hurry up and say something to fill that space, even if what we say is really not that meaningful.  Don’t do that.  Just hold the idea and sit with it for a bit.

3. Try it on for size.  Before jumping into full commitment, explore what it might be like to actually do that thing.  Volunteer, join someone else’s endeavor, become an intern at someone else’s business, or start out with a low-risk side hustle.  Don’t quit your day job just yet.  See how it feels first.

I guarantee that fear and self-doubt will creep up.

Remember, action first, then mindset change. Allow yourself to feel the fear and then DO IT ANYWAY!

Are you fulfilled at your current job?  If not, what do you dream of doing?  Reply and let me know your thoughts, or post to my Facebook page. I’d love to hear from you!


Laura E. Knights, MSW is an author, speaker, and coach that has worked with hundreds of people through her M-Powered Workshop Series, training modules, mastermind groups, and popular coaching programs.  Laura teaches people how to create a life of meaning and purpose that transforms their self-identity, work, and relationships to help them break through to higher levels of happiness and success. She also provides powerful advice, breakthrough techniques, and other resources to her many subscribers via her M-Powered Living! e-newsletter.  You can join the M-Powered Community and sign up to receive a FREE gift and a subscription to her e-newsletter at www.lauraeknights.com


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