#EntrepreneurInspiration by TEW – Meet Catrice M. Jackson

#EntrepreneurInspiration by TEW – Meet Catrice M. Jackson

Grab a little #EntrepreneurInspiration with Catrice M. Jacksonunnamed

Who are you and what do you do in 30 words or less?

I’m a living soul here to inspire and empower others to liberate their souls, unleash their message and speak it with unapologetic, undeniable, unstoppable confidence on every marketplace platform.

How do you remain empowered as an entrepreneur?

People often ask me how I do it all and my quick response is how do I NOT do it all; meaning that if you have a dream, a vision, a mission, a passion or a calling in life, it’s not going to unfold and just happen – you’ve got to get up, suit up and go get it every day. When you are truly hungry for your dream you will find a way to eat and feed your passion. I’m naturally driven from within and although I have moments of despair and doubt when that dream starts grumbling in my stomach I find creative ways to feed the dream within.

How do you remain equipped as an entrepreneur, where/how do you fuel your growth?

My grandmother used to say “a closed mouth don’t get fed.” I ask for what I need. I seek out creative possibilities and solutions to solve challenges and get help, guidance and support from friends, colleagues and mentors. God gave me a gift and instructed me to use it to transform the world. When I think about this divine privilege I show gratitude for this gift, by being spiritually obedient, walking in my purpose and finding a way when it seems there is none. Specifically I empower my gifts my strengthening, polishing and mastering them. In order to be the best at what I do I must stay inquisitive, creative and innovative.

 Where does your inspiration come from?

Inspiration to me means to be within spirit. When I’m consistently connected to my spirit, my God and my intuition, I receive divine downloads that guide my next steps and big ideas. I’m often inspired by music, when I’m cooking and creating and by other people who refuse to quit, give up on their dreams and those who are excelling in their passion.

What is your “WHY” —- why do you do what you do?

I believe every living person and soul has a uniquely important message within. We are here to share that message to heal, inspire, empower and transform lives and when we don’t share it our soul is unfulfilled and the message dies. Beyond the titles I AM here to help people unlock their message, unleash their voice and speak it and share with authentic confidence. Growing up I didn’t know (and still don’t) my father. Consciously and unconsciously I felt invisible to him. I’ve always been driven from within as a result to never be unseen, unheard, own my power and honor the value of ME. One of my biggest intentions in life is to empower others who feel invisible to do the same. We all are valuable. I wake up every day excited about helping as many people as I can believe they are valuable and what they have to say matters.

What is your #1 tip for other entrepreneurs?

Make the choice to BE unapologetic about who you are, create an authentic, undeniable brand from the inside, work the hell out of it and leverage it to create the life you desire to live. There is NO one like you and when you really realize that you cannot be duplicated you gain the mountain moving mindset that you are irreplaceable. That means having a brand-first mindset, building and growing your business with a brand-based business model and embodying and living your brand with every breath you take. BE and rock the brand of you every day.


Show UP, SHINE and Do the Damn Thing!


Catrice M. Jackson, the truth-telling BOSSLady of Branding helps entrepreneurs clearly identify their soul-purpose brand and confidently unleash their Irresistible Trademark (IT) so they can unapologetically show up in the marketplace, shine and do the damn thing! Catrice is most passionate about helping business owners crank up the volume of their voice to be undeniably seen, heard, loved and hired by clients they crave. She is a master-message mentor who turns mediocre marketing messages into social media sales succulence, an international speaker who empowers women to step up to the mic, speak their brand and sizzle and loves helping entrepreneurs BOSS their brands by creating a 3-D sensory brand experience clients are hungry for. She does it all with her signature coaching secret-sauce, Catriceology, the irresistible psychology of branding anchored in truth, authenticity and freedom.



Catrice M. Jackson, M.S. LMHP, LPC

International Speaker, BOSSLady of Branding & International Best-Selling Author

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“Show UP, SHINE, Rock the Brand of YOU and Do the Damn Thing!”

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