Julie M. Holloway, Creative Entrepreneur Interview w/ Examiner.com

Julie M. Holloway, Creative Entrepreneur Interview w/ Examiner.com

vectorstock_1516931-[Converted]2Julie M. Holloway is a multi-passion entrepreneur based in Chicago, Illinois. Her love for the arts began at the early age of 8.

During her junior year in high-school she attended Ringling School of Art & Design and DePaul University to attend summer pre-college perspective courses. After high-school, she attended The Art Institute of Chicago where she took a variety of art courses and is currently pursuing her BA in Business Administration with a marketing focus at Capella University. The first sixteen years of her career Holloway worked in various roles at companies such as Accenture, Home Depot, Nike and Oce Printing only to realize her passion and potential has and always will lie in the creative industry. After three years of moonlighting as an entrepreneur, while working a 12-14 hour work day, Holloway was spending 2-4 hours per night on her graphic design business. One day she woke up and realized it was her time to pursue her passion as a creative entrepreneur and took the ultimate leap of faith and left her full-time career in corporate America.

Holloway opened JMH Cre8ive Solutions in November, 2011 and has experienced tremendous growth and an expansion of creative design, print and web services along with her team of co-entrepreneurs. With an enormous heart and hunger for collaborating and assisting entrepreneurs carry through their creative vision, the business continues to flourish.

Read the full article here >> http://www.examiner.com/article/creative-entrprenuer-interview-with-julie-holloway

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Check out the TEW Affiliate Program

Check out the TEW Affiliate Program

In case you missed it, #TEW has an affiliate program! >> info below!

If you have any questions, please email our team at: tewyou2@gmail.com or call Julie at (630) 220-3655



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Mini-Pitch: Big Opportunities Come in Small Packages

Mini-Pitch: Big Opportunities Come in Small Packages


Mini pitch image

What is a mini-pitch and why should you have one?

by: Michael Luchies

Sending the right message is everything when you need to make a sale or land investors for your business to survive and grow.  An elevator pitch is often tied to a competition, but how do you change your pitch out of the competition format and why should you?

Elevator pitch competitions tend to feature entrepreneurs who are representing their idea or business through a 90 second pitch.  Although it may be appropriate to talk for a minute and a half straight in a competition, in most business situations it’s not.  So does this mean that you need different pitches for different situations?  Well…YES!

This article will cover the mini-pitch – a short concise pitch that will effectively represent your business in a clear manner to any audience.  A mini-pitch should be a maximum of 15 seconds and should give the audience enough information to understand what you do, encourage them to ask questions, and have them wanting more.

When to Use

The mini pitch is perfect for a short introduction, when someone asks “What do you do for a living?,” or when cold calling or approaching a prospect for the first time.  Save the full pitch until you know that your audience is dedicated to listening to what you have to offer.  Using your full pitch during an introduction is equal to telling your life story within the first 5 minutes of a blind date.  Give them a little information, but make sure to find out what they are looking for and what they want from you.

How to Create

Step 1:  What is the basic function of your business? This is easier said than done for applications and technology based businesses. For a brick and mortar store, this is as simple as apple pie.  For technology based companies that may be hard to explain so that everyone can understand what it is you do, you may need to fine tune your message.

Ex 1: The Coffeehouse offers premium coffee and bakery items to college students in Minnesota.

Ex 2: IcoffHouse shows you the highest rated coffee shop within a 6 block radius OR IcoffHouse is Google just for coffee.

Step 2: What makes you unique?  The first step gives the basics so anyone gets a clear understanding of your primary function, now you can start to sell it.  Step two is what sets your business or yourself apart from current offerings in the marketplace.

Ex 1: Student created coffee flavors and baked goods

Ex 2: (IcoffHouse) Based on each user’s coffee preference

Step 3: Opportunity or Market Size

Ex 1: over 100,000 people in a 10 mile area

Ex 2: 50 Million coffee drinkers in America

Step 4: Recent sales, outlook, or bonus piece of information.

Ex 1: 30% growth every month in our first year OR 700 students surveyed said they would visit every day

Ex 2: 200,000 signups in our first month of operation OR secured 1M in investment in our first round

Put it together and say it out loud:

Ex 1: The Coffeehouse offers premium coffee and bakery items to college students in Minnesota through student created coffee flavors and baked goods to a market of 100,000 in a 10 mile area and has seen growth of 30% every month in our first year.

Ex 2: IcoffHouse is Google just for coffee and finds results based on each user’s coffee preference for the 50 million coffee drinkers in America, and 200,000 of those have already signed up in our first month of operation.


You can pack a lot of punch in a 15 second pitch.  Need help with your mini-pitch?  PitchJam is offering 10 free 30 minute consultations where we will help you perfect your mini-pitch!  No commitment needed and no risk.  Contact us at Info@pitchjam.com.


About the Author
Michael Luchies is a co-author of The Entrepreneur Within You Volume 2 – coming this June!

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Meet Patrice K. Cokley from TEW2!

Meet Patrice K. Cokley from TEW2!

Patrice K. Cokley, MBA is a forward-thinking brand and marketing extraordinaire that educates businesses on how to build an expressive brand that exemplifies their true essence andunnamed improves their overall performance. Rather than to simply sell a product or service, Patrice helps businesses sell an experience or a lifestyle that is engaging and highly effective. Patrice holds both a BS and MBA in Marketing with over 15 years of experience in the field, and is the founder of The Bassline Group, a marketing consultancy and brand development firm for entertainers, creatives and entrepreneurs. A Detroit native, Patrice now resides in the suburbs of Chicago, IL and currently blogs about social media, small business marketing and entrepreneurship.



Look for Patrice in TEW2 (launching June 28th)

Chapter 4 – “Life is Too Short to Wait”




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The Entrepreneur Within You Volume 2

The Entrepreneur Within You Volume 2

A dynamic collection of real-life stories from living, breathing, inspiring entrepreneurs. The Entrepreneur Within You series is an inspirational business anthology that consists of a collection of experiences from a group of entrepreneurs. The authors of the book not only share with the readers how their path to business ownership began; but, they also include diverse and encouraging personal stories of challenges conquered along with tips and tools that aspiring entrepreneurs can use to accomplish their goals despite facing their own version of these very same obstacles. The experiences that our writers share concerning how they have overcome and conquered things in the midst of pursuing their passions will motivate all who are moved to turn its pages! We are fulfilling our destiny by allowing real entrepreneurs a platform to share their trials and then their triumphs, ultimately passing on the torch of dreams held by many of owning their own business.

TEW2 will be available for pre-order June 28, 2014 with a launch celebration in Chicago on August 9.






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