#entrepreneurInspiration with Cara Inspires

#entrepreneurInspiration with Cara Inspires

Who are you and what do you do in 30 words or less?

I’m Cara Inspires- a teaching artist, entrepreneur, and creativepreneur coach. I own a production company called Bahiyah Productions, LLC. and Cara Inspires, LLC.- a Creative cara4Consulting Community.

How do you remain empowered as an entrepreneur?

I stay empowered by writing my visions down and keeping them pretty simple. I post them in my office space and use a planner to hold myself accountable. I also stay connected with fellow creativeprenuers who are inspired and focused on their goals- we sharpen each other’s irons and lend a shoulder to cry on if need be.

How do you remain equipped as an entrepreneur, where/how do you fuel your growth?

I stay equipped by learning as much as I can from other consistent, successful, and creative entrepreneurs. I read books, view trainings…I love watching YouTube videos in my spare time to get inspiration from fellow creativeprenuers. I also attend professional development events on a regular.

Where does your inspiration come from?

Personally, I’m inspired by my previous LACK of inspiration. Eight years ago, I suffered from clinical depression only to then get hit with post-partum depression after my first son. It was a rough patch for me, but I overcame those trails and now I live a healthy, creative, and motivated life.   Professionally, I’m inspired by social issues, music, and kids- all of which I infuse in my art and services.

What is your “WHY” — why do you do what you do?

I do what I do because I’m in love with creativity! It’s a “Love Hangover” that I don’t want to shake;) After a tough day, I can go into a rehearsal and all of my cares are forgotten…or I can work with an entrepreneur who needs some help and share my ideas with them to offer clarity…it’s fun. I truly believe that I’m here to wear these hats- I do what I do because it feels divine! I’m also working towards leaving an entrepreneurial legacy for my two sons (6 & 2).

What is your #1 tip for other entrepreneurs?

Be “gangsta” with your creativity.   Own it and work it- you don’t need anyone’s approval to work your gift. Step on the block with the “big dogs” and roll with em’. You’ll make mistakes, but that’s where the growth comes from- embrace it and watch your brand grow.

Written by Cara Inspires; Cara bridges the arts and business inspiring creative souls to turn their passions into profits. She is a certified educator, artist, and creative entrepreneur. Her mission is to enlighten, educate, and encourage thousands through her blog: carainspires.wordpress.com.

Connect with Cara!

Email: carainspires@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CaraInspires

Blog: carainspires.wordpress.com

Instagram: carainspiresme



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