The Importance of Business Document Disposal

The Importance of Business Document Disposal


Many consumers are now shredding letters they get through the post once they are done with them, such as bank statements, utility bills and more. Why? Because there has been a rise in identity fraud and these days all you need is a bank statement and a couple of utility bills to steal someone’s identity. So what does this mean for Businesses? Well I will tell you!


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Businesses And Data

Every single company has data records of customers, clients and prospective clients. We hold the details of all of our customers, whether it be on hard drives, down on paper or even audio. When we need to dispose of these kind of records the first thing that comes to mind is the trash, this is where dumpster divers could potentially ruin your company and entire business.


Here are some real life examples and potential threats:

–       In july 2013, Glasgow, UK. A folder containing patient records was found in the car park and luckily handed in by a member of the public. – If it had not been for the member of the public handing this on lord knows what might of happened here, that was the UK’s NHS system!


–       In 2012, Manchester, Uk. The police force were fined £120,000 as an unencrypted USB memory stick was stolen in a burglary when one of the officers took home the USB drive. The data contained details of witnesses to serious crimes, in the wrong hands that could of lead to witness intimidation.


–       In 2013, The serious fraud office lost documents to the BAE system investigation over 32,000 physical pages of text went missing along with 81 audio tapes, never to be seen again.


Now do we see the importance of handling our data correctly in Business?


Replacing Old Network Systems

All companies at some point replace their computer systems and networks, this does mean that data will be copied from the old and put onto the new, what happens to the old data? There are places such as data destruction companies that will take care of all of this for you, on and off site. I have heard horror stories of old hard drives being sold in computer fairs only to be taken home and be packed with consumer information from old companies.

When replacing your systems always call in professional companies to handle your data in a professional manner.


Using The Shredder

Almost all offices have a shredder or some type of paper waste disposal system but sometimes even these do not work, people these days are proactive and will spend the time piecing things back together. Why not use a company on a weekly or monthly basis to come and collect all of your paper waste and completely dispose of it? Topwood do document shredding and will take care of all of this for you.

Has anyone ever suffered great loss and headaches because of data theft or loss?

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Beat the Competition with 4 Proven Techniques

You don’t need to be a corporation on scale with Apple or Google in order to provide stellar customer service and enjoy an ongoing increase in sales. In fact, for many small businesses, the advantage is with the people they hire. Forbes reports that 50 percent of all Americans work for a small business and prefer it over a larger company. So how can you make hiring decisions that help you stand above the competition? And how can you earn increased business at the same time?

Here are four tips to success:

1. Be a Match, Not a Company

Some of the best strategies to wooing customers are the same often used to attract the opposite sex. Entrepreneur claims that it’s always best to treat your customers as you would a first date in an ad campaign: be honest and upfront about the product, while demonstrating the customer’s specific needs. Like a first date, furthermore, provide a bit of intrigue to keep them coming back.

2. Offer Security and Peace of Mind

If you sell your products online, some degree of customer hesitation may come with the territory. E-theft is one of the fastest-growing crimes in the nation, with millions affected each year. To better increase the chances of making or keeping a sale, ensure that your customers know that their data is protected. A service like Lifelock allows your company to maintain a tight hold on your sales data and offers security solutions in the event of a breach. Customers who know that they are in good hands are more likely to return time and time again.

3. Create a Personal Connection

Many companies use some sort of automated response system for their contact method, and the majority of customers dislike it. Small Business Trends puts the individual response high up on their list of advice for new small business owners, recommending that all interactions with customers be done with a personal connection rather than relying on “press 5 for…”. Hire customer service representatives who take this philosophy to heart in order to get better word-of-mouth from consumers. Superior rates of return from your existing market share will follow.

4. Make Sales Mobile

A point-of-sale solution can be the best thing to ever happen to a business. By removing the constraints of the brick-and-mortar store and allowing for mobile sales, companies can bring the product directly to the customer. Entrepreneur notes that a mobile sale can save a small business as much as $10,000 right away while providing a variety of other tangible benefits during its lifecycle. Since it requires little or no training, a point-of-sale solution for your company can effectively turn any employee into a sales agent and further boost the numbers.

Apply these four helpful strategies to your business plan, and cultivate a team of employees who is on board with your company’s goals and the path to get there.

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3 Tools Every CFO Needs


In a modern business environment, the role of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is rapidly changing. Traditionally, the CFO was in charge of closing the books and reporting on past events, spending their time looking into the past. Nowadays, the new financial leaders are shifting their focus to the future, becoming more analytical and strategic in their approach. To successfully reach the goal of an increasingly strategic role, CFOs need a wider view of the entire organization, not just the finance department. In a new era of finance, the primary concern of the CFO is no longer about balancing the books but rather about being trusted as the strategic advisor to the CEO.


The new CFO has arrived and, with it, comes the need for new tools to support their evolved role in the company.


1. Cloud-based applications


In a recent survey, more than 81% of CFOs viewed cloud-based applications as one of the best tools to assist them in their new strategically focused roles. One of the major drivers for the investment in cloud computing is the opportunity for cost savings, but the other benefits to this investment are the positive effects it will have for the CFO. Some of these advantages include the reduction of upfront investments in hardware and IT infrastructure as well as a major timesaving in processes such as budgeting.


Cloud computing budget applications, for example, offer a single, centralized model that can be utilized across the entire business, regardless of geographical region.  The application not only speeds up the entire budgeting process, but also increases forecast accuracy, data quality and consistency across the entire organization. From the CFO’s perspective, cloud-based applications such as this one represent a win-win situation. Not only do they save the company time and money, but it also provides more accurate and detailed information to utilize in their strategic analysis.


2. ERP Solution


ERP, or Enterprise Resource Planning, is one of the essential tools to running a business. Form inventory to accounting to human resources, it encapsulates and integrates every major business function into one complete system. Information and processes are streamlined, resulting in a variety of benefits for the company.


An ERP system will help every employee, in addition to the CFO; do their job more efficiently by facilitating the ease of communication between different parts of the business. Similar to the benefits realized with cloud computing applications, the company is left with more accurate, real-time data, which leads to better decision-making skills by the CFO and CEO alike. One of the major benefits for a CFO is the improved compliance with financial and regulatory standards, consequently, reducing the risk of the company. With so many new aspects to the CFO’s job description, it can be easy to overlook updates to regulations or changes in the financial code. With an ERP system, this is not an issue.


With so many individual benefits, the cumulative reward for the CFO is access to accurate information that will enable them to make better decisions in a shorter amount of time, as well as lower the overall operational cost of running the business. If you are in the market for a new accounting software, check out this e-book by TGO Consulting: “Top 5 Tips To Selecting The Right Accounting Software”


3. Business Intelligence solution


With the emergence of the strategic aspect of the new CFO, it is important to have an overarching knowledge of the entire organization, not just the finance department. For this reason, a recent survey found that 78% of CFO’s have identified business intelligence (BI) as their top tech initiative for 2015 for a couple of major reasons.


The firstreason is to have the ability to see the entire organization. From marketing to sales reports to operational metrics, all of the important data needed to make decisions is all located in one place – right alongside the financial data. Secondly, BI solutions save time. Most systems have automatic alerts and pre-designed analyses that don’t require nearly as much data collection and analysis for the CFO or any other member of the organization. Finally, with more detailed data, the CFO is left with a more accurate report. Data is constantly updated and accurate, increasing a CFO’s confidence when reporting to the CEO.


These three tools get to the heart of the balancing act that the new CFO is forced to juggle. Instead of a purely financial focus, they are now in charge of strategic and analytical practices as well. For some CFOs, this may mean many extra hours at the office behind the computer. Others, though, who invest in these three important tools, will be able to eliminate redundant processes, consolidate their workload and focus their attention on the decision making process instead of the data collection. At the end of the day, the CFO will be better prepared to perform their job and the CEO will receive better strategic guidance, leading to a better overall performance by the company.


Bio:  Deanna Ayres is the SEM Strategist and Community Outreach Supervisorat The Marketing Zen Group & TGO ConsultingShe loves to come up with new content strategies for and with her team and believes that connecting on a personal level is vital to success. Growing up in Europe has allowed her a unique insight into cultural differences in business & marketing. In her spare time she is a photographer, hobby cook with a love for coffee, gamer and geek. Follow her @deanna_ayres


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Top 5 multifunction printers (MFP) that will boost your business productivity

Top 5 multifunction printers (MFP) that will boost your business productivity

Today’s business world challenges associations to attain to additional with fewer overheads, assets and less time. The vital development associations pursue must be acknowledged through enhanced business benefit and work environment effectiveness.

As a rule, profit depends on two key standards: proficiency and viability. To attain to these, associations must depend on individuals and methods. Essentially, by offering open structural engineering stages, Multifunction printer sellers are progressively extending the extension and scale of capacities offered by printer gadgets including remote integration, remote get to and help for cell phones, and also coordinated arrangements, which work flawlessly with electronic record administration (EDM) programming stages.

For fulfilling the criteria to enhance the business, these are the top five Multifunctional printers of all.

HP Officejet Pro 276dw Multifunction Printer1a

The printer is costly, yet it is a different among inkjet MFPs. Quick and competent and a deal contrasted with the laser rivalry. It brandishes a substantial, 4.3-inch touch screen control board with a well thoroughly considered out menu structure that makes it simple to work. Programming incorporates HP examine, remote email printing, and a complete installed administration support available by means of your Web program. Administration peculiarities incorporate email alarms, a firewall, intermediary help, and so forth. You can achieve the administration interface through the control board or your program.

2aEpson Expression Premium XP-810 small- in-one Multifunction Printer

The Epson Expression XP-810 Small-in-One Printer could fulfill practically everyone. It has an astonishingly profound rundown of uniqueness for a home printer and is likewise one of the best all-around performers in it value range.

This is authoritatively a $230 printer, however you ought to have the capacity to search at a better cost, and Epson is as of now marking down. Rather the expenses are somewhat higher than normal: simple to-utilize, 3.5-inch touch screen control board. Integration incorporates Ethernet, USB, and 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi. The printer additionally has Wi-Fi guide, so it can interface straightforwardly to a gadget as opposed to the need to experience a remote system.

Canon Pixma MG7120 Multifunction Printer3a

The Pixma Mg7120 has an inclined-edge plan different from certain Canon printers of the last a few years, and other configuration enhancements that were presented a year ago with its previous versions. You control the printer utilizing an upper front touch board: A 3.5-inch touch screen presentation contains most capacities, with relevantly lit buttons that show as required. It has a short expectation to absorb information. You lift that board to get to the ink cartridges, as opposed to lifting up the whole scanner cot, as with generally multifunction. You can join by means of Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or USB.

4aEpson Workforce 845 color inkjet multifunction printer

Epson Workforce 845 color inkjet multifunction printer has a great deal pulling out all the stops. Specifically, its above-normal limit and paper taking care of, first class execution, and great yield will satisfy the needs of a little office or home office well. Paper taking care of on the Workforce 845 incorporates a liberal 500 sheets of limit, programmed duplexing, and programmed two-sided sweeps of reports set in its 30-sheet ADF. Printing letter-size lustrous photographs on the Mac moved ahead at a mediocre 0.4 ppm, and output times were about normal.

HP Photosmart 7520 e-All-in-One Multifunction Printer5

The best of HP’s $200 Photosmart 7520 e-All-in-One multifunction inkjet printer (MFP) may be its yield quality and the 4.33-inch LCD control board that makes this machine grandly simple to utilize. While the Photosmart 7520 is photograph driven, its paper-taking care of peculiarities develop well past that. The primary paper tray holds 125 sheets, and coordinated into its top is an optional photograph tray that holds up to 20 sheets of photograph. There’s additionally a 25-sheet programmed archive feeder for the scanner. Then again, the top for the A4 flatbed scanner doesn’t telescope to suit thicker materials. This Photosmart can print and sweep in duplex (both sides of the page), yet duplex examining obliges two passes.

For more information you can visit Document management solutions.

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Raise Your Game and Be Bold in 2015

Raise Your Game and Be Bold in 2015

IMG_20141014_143654 (1)

I know we are about 5 – 6 days into the New Year and many of us are working on our list and stating our goals for the year. Or some of us have not even started yet.  So, this year, I want to share how I took stock of my learnings and failures in order to raise my game and be bold in 2015.

My pastor delivered a message that we will have a net breaking and boat- sinking year. Is that not raising your game or not? I don’t know about you but I am willing to get in the boat and go deep to raise my game. Here are 10 things that I learned in 2014 that will help raise your game and be bold in 2015:

My retreat

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  Your blessing can only come when you begin to open your mouth and ask.   In business, the first sign of weakness is not asking for what you need or want. If you want any kind of loan (business, education, personal or mortgage) you have to ask for how much you need.
  • Be selfish with your time. Stop letting people soak up your time when you can use that time for something purposeful. Time is money and money is time so use it wisely. We are all here on this earth on borrowed time.   So, make an appointment to be selfish with your time, it’s precious!
  • Learn to take yourself out on a date. It teaches you to not wait on someone to enjoy the joys of life. If you want to go out to dinner at a local new restaurant, make the reservation, grab that smartphone, tablet or Ipad and flip through your favorite sites while enjoying your very own dinner date. It’s just like having dinner at home but instead you are in the company of a chef, waitress, ambience, guests, etc. Consider it a party for you.
  • Forgive, Forgive and Forgive.  Forgiveness allows you to be free, focused and favored.   Forgive those who wronged you and forgive yourself for making that mistake.  God certainly forgives us and doesn’t keep a record of our wrongs because he just LOVES us that much.
  • No need to be validated.  Validation is something that I have suffered with because I had problems fitting in. I am validated because God molded me with every freckle or mole on my face to live a purposeful life. If you don’t like me, then you probably don’t like the God in me.
  • Turn off social media and be present.  Don’t clutter your mind on social media because it will give you a false sense of reality.   I really have found myself indulging in basic activities again and being present. I have used that time to work on home projects or DIY projects.   The world doesn’t need to know everything at that moment some things should be sacred.
  • It’s ok to say you need a moment. We all need time to pause before we hit play. Pause is necessary to reflect and be quiet.   So, press PAUSE right now.
  • Take a trip by yourself to dream.  I took 2 trips alone to face my own truth. I actually took my first train ride by myself. I enjoyed reading, writing in my journal and just dreaming.        20140706_132009
  • OWN your truth.  Rumors tend to erupt when we are not truthful about actions and behaviors.   I am not saying you must go tell the world every single ounce of your life but don’t let shame be the reason.  Just OWN it and smile through it.   I just believe honesty is the best policy and it sets you up for freedom.
  • Serve others. When you are faced with difficult circumstances, it is best to help others in need. It allows you to concentrate less on what you are dealing with.   So, just because you don’t have the money, the man or the manpower, doesn’t mean you are not a blessing to the world.


I thank 2014 for the life lessons to make me better as a CEO, a leading lady, daughter, auntie, girlfriend and sister. I am declaring 2015 will be about raising my game and be bolder.   I hope to see you all on the boat. (Remember boat- sinking year!)

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Stay tuned for my forthcoming book on MY LIFE!

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