TEW3 Launch Event Invitation

TEW3 Launch Event Invitation

Welcome to the official launch event for the THIRD book in The Entrepreneur Within You Series ~ an outdoor garden event 9781630687038-Perfect-Outlines---Copyhosted by Julie M. Holloway, Cantata Best Life Services + TEW

[TEW] is a tribute to and a reminder of our community’s commitment to not just inspiring others, but taking actionable steps to turn our dreams, talents, and abilities into fulfilling, successful businesses + helping others along the way.  If looking for a supportive community for entrepreneurs that do even more work than they talk, unleash the entrepreneur within you and join us! #unleashtheBiz

We hope you can join us on Sunday, July 26th for a celebration of entrepreneurship, arts and living your best life!

Meet the TEW co-authors, fine art dedication and show, family-friendly, entrepreneur kids marketplace + more!

Avoid the lines at our launch event and pre-order your copy of TEW3 below!


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