5 Amazing Business Negotiation Approaches for Sure-Shot Success

5 Amazing Business Negotiation Approaches for Sure-Shot Success


Any negotiation can be a stressful experience; however, with a bit of negotiation training and practice, everything’s possible. The more important the NEGOTIATIONdeal the more stressful it will be. It might seem easier to avoid the negotiation for as long as possible but this simply delays the inevitable.  Negotiation does not have to result in one winner and one loser; it is possible that both parties can leave the table happy. The following five hacks will enable you and your opponent to feel happy with any deal:

  1. No offer is final, however don’t be too pushy when negotiating

A negotiation will often centre on the price of something. This is true whether you are dealing with a customer, supplier or asking for a raise. However, money is not the only item in the negotiation. Anything can be added or taken away from the terms on offer to create an acceptable package to both sides. It is essential to work out all options before a negotiation. If price becomes an issue you will know what else you can offer to sweeten the deal.

  1. Win-win is always possible

No matter what the negotiation it is always possible for both sides to walk away happy; the most important part of this is flexibility. When starting a negotiation you should be open to any offer and all options. Not only will this make it possible for both sides to ‘win’ the negotiation it will also allow you to see an option you had not considered. Entering the negotiation with a closed mind is almost certain to mean a workable solution is not found.

  1. Be open and honest

It may seem surprising but being open, fair and honest are the best attributes for securing a deal. People respond to honesty with honesty. In fact, people generally treat others as they are treated. It should be perfectly possible to tell your opponent what you need and why and obtain an honest reply. This will ensure you both obtain what you really need from the negotiation. Being honest and open does not mean that you have to tell your opponent everything. It simply means you do not need to manipulate them into letting you have your own way.  If you do this it will go against you in the long term.

  1. Communication matters more than anything else

Negotiation is simply not possible if the two parties are not talking to each other. It is essential to keep all lines of communication open. This will enable both parties to listen and understand what the other party needs. The easiest mistake to make in negotiation is to draw a line under your demands. At that point you have created a challenge and probably a stalemate. This can lead to an impasse when all that was actually required was communication.

  1. Preparation

Before entering any meeting it is essential to prepare your proposal. You must know what it is that you would like to get from the negotiation. You also need to consider your fallback position and even your worst case scenario – when you are prepared to walk away. A good negotiator will understand their opponent’s argument before the negotiation starts. They will be able to provide potential alternatives and counter arguments. The best negotiators know the value of preparation and are ready for anything. In fact, they already know the likely course and outcome of the meeting as they are prepared for anything.

Landing a great deal is not that difficult, whether you’re a rookie entrepreneur or the most skilled business person.  In either case, you must communicate, enter meetings prepared, and state demands. If you want to make the first offer then do it; this will show that you have guts, and that you’re not afraid of getting a “no”. Since this is a negotiation, it’s only natural for all the parties involved to ask for more in order to get exactly what they want.

Communication is not just something that is done inside the meeting room. It can be on the telephone, email or even a face to face meeting. There is no rule which says the negotiation needs to be done in the meeting room; much of the groundwork can be covered before an actual meeting takes place.

By Davis Miller and TheGapPartnership.com



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When My Business Sailing Became Bad, I Reworked My Web Site [guest post]

When My Business Sailing Became Bad, I Reworked My Web Site [guest post]

Image credit: Arthur Weill

It is not that big of a surprise that in this day and age, website is first and probably last mean available for our customers to get to know what our unnamed (16)companies are doing and what they have to offer. It makes sense. People don’t have time to wander around and enquire about all the options they have on disposal. Quick web search is basically all they can do, so making your website as appealing and inviting as it can be seems like a really good idea. Unfortunately, I had to stumble a lot before learning how to achieve that, but that doesn’t mean that everybody has to make same mistakes. Here are few tips how to make your website more up-to-date.

Make it Mobile-Friendly!

You have probably heard this already, but another friendly reminder can’t be harmful. Today, majority of people are searching the web through their mobile device, 60% to be more precise. Making their life easier, by relieving them of endless panning and zooming and microscopic menus that are not thumb-friendly will be rewarded with increased revenue. If you need more persuading, consider this. Since April 21, 2015 Google started policy of favoring websites which are optimized for mobile devices. I found out that 74.3% of people use Google as their favorite search engine, so going with the flow wasn’t even option but necessity. So if you notice that your online marketing efforts aren’t paying off, as I did, try making your website mobile-friendly.

Ditch the Flash

Flash was huge several years ago, but these days? Not so much. Apple’s iPads, iPhones and Microsoft’s Windows Phones out there do not support it and search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo can’t read it. With all of these juggernauts cutting you support, it is obvious that if your company’s website includes Flash, you will be pretty much invisible to the world. If this is not enough, remember that users will have to install plug-ins to visit such websites and majority of them just won’t bother with that. So what’s the answer? It’s simple, use HTLM5 instead. You will have almost all the same options and much brighter future.

Utilize Cloud Technologies

This service provides website hosting on virtual websites, pulling this way computing resources from underlying networks of physical web servers. After several very serious malfunctions I finally made a shift and it worked like a charm. Aside from hosting, implementing cloud technologies is always better option than investing in expensive hardware, especially for data-rich, personal-low companies, according to officials from company which provides managed services in Brisbane. By the power of Cloud I managed to reduce costs without compromising ability to get the job done, so give it a chance, you will not regret.

Put Quality Content Out There

Without content to make visitors come back for more your website will be nothing more than glorified brochure with very short life expectancy. Look through your web analytics and if you see low time spent there or low average pages per visit, people are jumping the ship and your website just isn’t interesting enough. So blog regularly, provide visitors with various how-tos, manuals, etc. and up the antics little bit. Websites are ranked based on the quality of provided content, and the days of stuffing them with keywords are long gone, so take this as a friendly advice – SEO optimization is something that you need to do, sooner the better. Don’t be yet another victim buried under myriad of other sites.

So, when you take a closer look, all of these advices are not that mind-blowing but they surely made change for me, big time. You would be surprised how increased visibility and website traffic, combined with money saving made by switching to cloud can make turnover, but there is no real point in wondering. Try it for yourself and let the numbers talk instead.



Logan R. Grayson has been keeping up with the latest developments in marketing, online writing and tech trends in general. His work at Bizzmarkblog leaves him a bit of spare time, which he enjoys spending reading comics and walking his dog, Speck. You can also find him on Twitter,Google+ and Facebook.

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Space Hacks for Entrepreneurs and Startups

Space Hacks for Entrepreneurs and Startups


Going down the traditional road of renting an office for staff, a warehouse for stock, and the associated technology and equipment to make it all work WLJ67MHJ69together, can add up to enormous overheads. Owners of small businesses can, however, make big savings by taking advantage of new and emerging storage trends.

Use Virtual Storage to Create Physical Space

When you take into account the necessary equipment, the man-hours and the floor space needed to file, copy and store physical copies of documents, cloud storage suddenly becomes much more attractive.

As well as space-saving benefits, cloud storage brings other advantages:

  • Maximum security and backups for sensitive documents.
  • Centralised CRM.
  • Make company/customer records accessible across multiple devices including mobile.
  • Grant or restrict staff permissions for improved security, efficiency, and collaboration.

There are two basic types of cloud storage: paid and free. Depending on the size of your organisation, the required level of security, the range of permissions you need or the complexity of your business, one or the other will suit you best. A micro-business could manage with free accounts from Google or Dropbox, while larger startups could subscribe to Office 365 for Business for the enhanced security and range of software and services included.


Built-in Growth Ability

Experiencing business growth is a mixed blessing. On one hand, there’s the excitement of a growing customer base and increased ROI. On the other hand, greater overheads and cash-flow difficulties keep your feet on the ground. One of the greatest challenges can be in the area of fluctuating stock storage needs for retail or e-commerce businesses.

A relatively new solution lies in self storage units, many of which now offer business customers many advantages:

  • Flexible storage spaces with a vast range of space sizes from lockers to warehouses.
  • Short term leases (from just a week).
  • Easily add on or take away space as needed.
  • On site staff who’ll receive deliveries on your behalf.
  • Easy access for delivery vehicles.
  • Pallet trucks on site to help move heavy loads.
  • Perks like courier services or forklifting.
  • National accounts if you need storage at more than one location.

Whether you’re expanding or looking for start-up storage, self storage flexibility and convenience takes away the fear of long-term commitment. With controlled growth and reduced risk, you’re in a stronger position to make fast decisions and capitalise on opportunities.


Freedom From the Office Overhead

Office space needn’t be a major expense when you know how to work it in your favour. There are a couple of options:

  1. If you have more space than you need, get help with the expense by renting out a desk. With growing popularity, there is high demand from freelancers or mobile, small business owners who don’t want to work from home. All you need provide is the desk and an Internet connection, as renters will bring their own equipment to work with.
  1. Consider whether you really need an office. Many e-commerce businesses don’t, choosing instead to set aside space in a self storage unit for a desk that doubles up as a packing surface.
  1. If your business often keeps you on the road or in meetings, consider hiring a virtual assistant or signing up for a call answering service rather than renting office space and hiring permanent staff. Research indicates that 70% of callers won’t leave a message if you don’t answer the phone, and most will assume you’re either not interested or have gone out of business. Some call answering services will take orders on your behalf too, process credit card payments, and maintain calendars so they can make appointments on your behalf.

In truth, you don’t need masses of space or a large staff to run a successful business. All you need is organisational skill and a bit of storage savvy.


Drew writes for Big Yellow Self Storage.

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7 Things Nobody Told You About Facebook Marketing Tips

7 Things Nobody Told You About Facebook Marketing Tips

In this digital era, having a Facebook page is absolutely necessary for successful marketing. One should be able to manage Facebook management SOCIAL POSTto take control of Facebook marketing. Proper management can give you unbelievable great results and sweep in huge profits. However, there are a few things even the pros of social media miss out when it comes to Facebook marketing. So, to help your business grow, here’s a list of 7 lesser-known Facebook marketing tips that may leave you baffled.

  1. Audience Involvement

If you study Facebook pages of top brands in the last few years, you will see that most of them had major online campaigns. Audience involvement through campaigns or competitions has a great success rate because many users find the idea of getting featured by a popular page appealing. Moreover, if they do get featured, they tend to share the link and have people like it.

  1. Being Courteous

Replying to audience’s posts and comments on your page, thanking them whenever you reach a milestone and apologizing when something goes wrong are some Facebook page etiquettes that give you a good image as a brand. This also gives the impression that you really care about your customers, which undoubtedly is good for your business.

  1. Friday Posting

This is one of the Facebook marketing tips that probably come off as weird. But according to research, the highest rate of Facebook usage takes place on Fridays. Since Friday evenings see a higher amount of users, post your best content around noon so that it won’t get lost in the news feed. You should be able to manage Facebook management during this day of the week.

  1. Using Pictures

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and this is true for Facebook marketing as well. According to statistics and experts, pictures have a greater reach than simple text posts because people find pictures more appealing. So, even when you have great text on the line, try using interesting images with it to catch the audiences’ eyes more easily.

  1. Linking to your site

You may have the best Facebook page out there, but that still cannot be a substitute for a proper site. Manage Facebook management involves easy and efficient channeling of customers from Facebook to your site through various means such as links in posts or ads that lead to your site. The site will provide greater ease of browsing and transaction. It helps  you manage your sales better. But most importantly, it establishes your professionalism as a brand.

  1. Having multiple platforms

Another really important (yet a secret) marketing tip is to not limit your social media with Facebook. Take your business to multiple platforms and link them to your Facebook page. Linking multiple platforms to your Facebook page makes it much easier to manage your posts. It helps users across platforms discover you; thus, increasing your reach and online presence.

  1. All work and no play makes a dull page

People come to Facebook to relax and pass the time. If your posts look as dull as the office work they just escaped from, your page is doomed to fail. Manage your page by keeping it interesting and ‘like-worthy’.  Incorporate humor, art and other interesting things into your posts. While users come for the joke, they also get your updates.

Listed are seven of the little-known Facebook marketing tips. You’ll be amazed how these seemingly weird tips work. As part of Facebook management, try them and watch as your page followers (and business) grow.


Andy Thompson has been a freelance writer for a long while.  Her passion in writing is her main drive in crafting articles that are engaging, informative, and meaningful. Her partnership with TroopSocial has given her a whole new opportunity to take writing to a whole new level.





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Blog Tour + TEW3 Launch – this July!

Blog Tour + TEW3 Launch – this July!

The Entreptbtslaunch23reneur Within You [known as TEW] // @ www.tewyou.com is launching the third volume at Cantata Best Life Foundation in Brookfield, IL on July 26th from 1:30-3:30pm. We’d love to have you!

We are going to kick-off our launch month this July with a blog tour. We are looking to partner with bloggers who are interested in featuring stories from a wide variety of entrepreneurs who share their candid, transparent stories, ups and downs, trials and wins within each of their chapters in thebook.

If your audience is welcoming of author interviews, let us know! Our goal is that each of our 25 contributors for ‪#‎TEW3‬ (over 60 contributors in all three volumes, TEW1, TEW2 and TEW3) be featured on a different blog by the end of summer.

We can provide the questions, or you can send your own to us! Let’s connect, reach and inspire together! Contact: tewyou2@gmail.com ~ thank you! ~ the TEW Crew

We look forward to sharing this exciting time with you!

Click here to RSVP to the special launch event!

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