The Entrepreneur Within

The Entrepreneur Within

by Julie M. Holloway

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This year I set out to discover my “true” WHY. After much artistic and internal exploration, I found these simple words lit up my every day “let your soul sparkle.”                   

I am Julie Holloway (best known as JMH). I am an artist, author and graphic designer. For 16 years I worked in corporate America only to realize I did not quite fit in. My calling has always been my art and living a colorful lifestyle. I can finally say that after 38 years on earth, I am able to do that. I live and work from my home in Hanover Park, IL and I am on a continual journey of making sure that the work I am doing aligns with my “WHY”.  11760132_403559593185338_8418241033455689884_n (1)

A few years ago, I went through a tumultuous journey of being slightly abused by my last boss. He was very controlling, rude, argumentative and demanding. I could not thrive while working for him no matter how hard I tried. Out of the sheer need to voice my experiences of wanting so badly to be a full-time entrepreneur, to ultimately wanting to bless others with my “quit story,” I began to write my first book, an inspirational business anthology titled The Entrepreneur Within You (TEW), and we just launched the third volume!  I want people to know that, “Dreams are REAL, and that sometimes, success is the best REVENGE for the ultimate challenge.”

I went to The School of The Art Institute of Chicago for one year, quit, and never jumped into the art industry as a career.  About seven years ago, I finally made the jump back into my passion for art and design. A cousin in Chicago asked me to design a logo, so I bought a program off of Craigslist for $50 and taught myself graphic design. I started freelancing, and my business grew from the ground up. I’ve now been able to include my other artistic talents, drawing and painting, into my design business. I do get burned out from time to time because being an entrepreneur is hard work, but I’m learning daily how to be better at what I do and I’m working to become an even better mother and wife. 

After leaving a corporate job to start my business, I had to become a salesman, bill collector, accountant, financial planner, and marketer, when I really just wanted to focus on my artwork and graphic design. As entrepreneurs, we want to do it all, but sometimes that isn’t possible. I’ve been very lucky to have a lot of positive and influential mentors, friends and family members. I’m very thankful, and I try to repay the support they’ve given me by creating a strong entrepreneurial community with my book series, TEW. Aside from coffee, I need a strong network and the support of my family, which I’ve been lucky to have. 


Julie M. Holloway is an artist based in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. She is the founder of JMH Cre8ive Solutions, a boutique graphic design agency and is the curator of a book series titled The Entrepreneur Within You. She loves coffee, collaborating and hanging with family and friends. Learn more about her creative endeavors at, and or contact her at or by phone at (630) 855-3351.



“If the creative artist worries if he will still be free tomorrow, then he will not be free today.”                       

 – Salman Rushdie

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Time to SHIFT!

Time to SHIFT!


[In my last corporate position, I worked on a very small team; in a non-profit trade association. EveryoneTEW33x6 in the office had many different positions boiled down to one ‘job’ since it was small; and their funding was not that vast. I was a personal secretary to my executive director, and did all things with excellence; however in the last few years there he pressured me to become the ‘bookeeper’ and learn the accounting practices that scared the mess out of me.

I did most of the work with dedication and with the best resources I had. I took my time and tried very hard, but my work was never satisfactory enough. There were many accounting classifications and codes that I did not understand, and rather than teach he would simply yell and berate me. Those specific tasks above all of my other work and responsibilities did not meet his expectations. B.S. pink slips, write-ups and extreme pressure simply led me to seek other opportunities, and that is when I fully pursued my freelance design business.] Someone asked what one of the most challenging times of my career was today; and I just had to share. If you do not “FIT” where you are, or things simply are not working; then SHIFT.

Feeling very grateful that I now fully understand that concept of ‘shifting’ when needed.

Learn more about these experiences, and the experiences of many, in TEW – Volume 3!


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[SHARE] Tech808

[SHARE] Tech808

Too cool not to share this techy #entrepreneur inspiration!



Diversity is a huge topic in the tech world today, and we chose to take a different route in addressing the issue. Our goal was to become a funnel for the information the minority community wasn’t receiving. But, we wanted our value to reach far and wide, so Hip Hop (a universal language) has helped us. By making “smart” cool we attracted a diverse community of people, which resulted in even more growth.Recently on Twitter someone mentioned something interesting about Tech808 Oakland:

We are very happy to have so many great women of color on our stage. Our questions is, why don’t other stages around entrepreneurship and tech look the same? The great thing about diversity in tech is we get to solve more problems, for more people. If everyone who gets a shot at an opportunity with proper funding looks the same, then the problems they are solving are limited. Nobody wins.

Fortune magazine reported African American women as the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs in America. But, you wouldn’t know that if you read Fortune all year, or looked at the latest line up of speakers at some big named tech conference.

If we want to make entrepreneurship cool again, everybody has to be involved and informed. We are happy to be sponsoring youth from Black Girls Code,United Roots Oakland, and Hack The Hood to attend Tech808 Oakland for free. We have to show young people there are examples of success that look like them. Lets continue to build!

Tickets are on sale now for $75 for a limited amount. Grab yours now.


Tech808 Oakland. Bootstrappers special $75! Limited Time.
“I wish I could give you this feeling” –Kanye West

Hip Hop.

Silicon Valley.
REAL answers.
All under one roof!
Join us. Only if you want to succeed!
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The #TEWcrew loves connecting with like-minded entrepreneurs, and we thought that this was a great opportunity, so we shared it. #inspiration

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The Art of Corporate Gift Giving in an International Business

The Art of Corporate Gift Giving in an International Business


The majority of businesses give gifts; these may be at specific times of the year; such as Christmas or at annual celebrations. Research shows that mostaa of these gifts are issued to business clients; this is to cement the commitment each business has to each other and continue to build on their existing relationship. Long serving employees or those who have performed exceptionally well also receive gifts. Most businesses also give gifts to prospective new customers.

There is limited research into the effectiveness of gift giving as an incentive to new customers but the studies which have been completed show business which give gifts do gain more customer enquiries.

Gift or Incentive?

A gift must be seen as something which is unexpected and delivered spontaneously. An incentive is a designated prize or gift for achieving a specified goal. It is important to know the difference as one is used to motivate employees whilst the other builds relationships.


Different businesses have different rules regarding giving and receiving gifts. This can be particularly true when dealing with different countries and different lifestyles. There are also tax implications of certain gifts or value of gifts and you need to be aware of these. There are several occasions when you should never give gifts as they may be misinterpreted:

  • During the bidding process; a gift may be considered a bribe
  • Expensive gifts can send the wrong message and question both the business and the receiver’s motivation. It will also be likely to fall foul of modern gift regulations.
  • Gifts given publicly can cause embarrassment, particularly if they are inappropriate or provide the wrong impression.

Giving the Right Gift

It is very easy to give a gift which will cause more harm to a relationship than good. It is important to stick to the following guidelines:

  • The gift must be appropriate. This is not a matter of cost but rather of whether the gift will be gratefully received by the recipient. If you attempt to use a gift to break the ice with a new client it is likely to backfire. Gifts should be given no more than two or three times a year and should never be excessively lavish.
  • The gift should be relevant to the receiver, this way they will both appreciate the gift and the effort undertaken by you.
  • Timing is essential. A gift should only be given when there is a solid reason; preferably one that recognizes the value of the relationship. This could be the anniversary of a business relationship or their birthday.
  • Present the gift nicely. After having put some serious thought into what gift to give you will need to present it nicely. This includes deciding whether it is more appropriate to mail the gift to their work or home address; it may even be better to deliver it in person.

The Gift

Knowing how to give and when to give is not enough! You must also choose what to give.  There are many options and the following are some of the best:

  • Food items, particularly baskets can be a good choice as they can be enjoyed with family and friends. However, some of the selections can be very bland and not speak directly to a person. A little more thought may help. It is also worth considering whether the gift will get past the receptionist or whether it will simply feed the admin staff!
  • Alcohol has always been a favorite gift although it is imperative to pick something that the receiver will enjoy. This is a gift which should be bbconsidered carefully, wine or whiskey collectors will appreciate a good bottle, other people will not.
  • Tickets for sporting events can be an excellent gift. As long as your client has an interest in the show or event it will be a great thrill and a great gift. Provided you pick an event they will actually enjoy!

Whatever gift you choose it is essential to think hard and choose the gift carefully. The gift must be something that the recipient will like, not something that you like. If gifts are not appropriate it may be worth making a donation on their behalf to their favorite charity.

By John Smith and!


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Update from JMH Art Show

Update from JMH Art Show

Hi everyone, many have asked what artwork may be available from the show. Please view this link — if there is any item you are interested in, let me P1000758know! I will confirm availability and pricing w/ the gallery; invoice and arrange delivery! Many thanks!


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