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Diversity is a huge topic in the tech world today, and we chose to take a different route in addressing the issue. Our goal was to become a funnel for the information the minority community wasn’t receiving. But, we wanted our value to reach far and wide, so Hip Hop (a universal language) has helped us. By making “smart” cool we attracted a diverse community of people, which resulted in even more growth.Recently on Twitter someone mentioned something interesting about Tech808 Oakland:

We are very happy to have so many great women of color on our stage. Our questions is, why don’t other stages around entrepreneurship and tech look the same? The great thing about diversity in tech is we get to solve more problems, for more people. If everyone who gets a shot at an opportunity with proper funding looks the same, then the problems they are solving are limited. Nobody wins.

Fortune magazine reported African American women as the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs in America. But, you wouldn’t know that if you read Fortune all year, or looked at the latest line up of speakers at some big named tech conference.

If we want to make entrepreneurship cool again, everybody has to be involved and informed. We are happy to be sponsoring youth from Black Girls Code,United Roots Oakland, and Hack The Hood to attend Tech808 Oakland for free. We have to show young people there are examples of success that look like them. Lets continue to build!

Tickets are on sale now for $75 for a limited amount. Grab yours now.


Tech808 Oakland. Bootstrappers special $75! Limited Time.
“I wish I could give you this feeling” –Kanye West

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The #TEWcrew loves connecting with like-minded entrepreneurs, and we thought that this was a great opportunity, so we shared it. #inspiration

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