A note from the heart of an author!

A note from the heart of an author!

[Writing has allowed me to be free from my past decisions and experiences with college, career and life. It has allowed me to share my story of jmh-imagewanting to quit Corporate America so badly, that my hair was falling out, and I was hardly eating; ending up with kidney stones and depression. It has allowed me to fulfill my dreams of being an artist, learning graphic design and sharing my testimony. It has also afforded me the opportunity to show my children, and husband what creating “your legacy” looks like. If you want to be part of something, that does not exist in your arena, you must create it. Writing has allowed me to gain confidence in my work, my business and with my associates.

It has afforded me the ability to overcome meaningless work, shallow relationships and shyness in a great way! Writing for me, is therapy and it is truly an outlet to share my voice, when my voice is often quiet and subdued. Writing has allowed me to also help ‘save others’ in their own journey of depression on jobs, unfulfilling careers and dead-end dreams. It has helped me be an inspiration in my own creative community of entrepreneurs.

I am forever grateful.] ‪


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