One of our great featured panelists for TEW Beyond the Book 1.0 – is Patrice Cokley of The Bassline Group​, contributing author The Entrepreneur Within You – Volume 2 (2014)

Patrice K. Cokley is one of the most forward-thinking, intriguing and engaged marketing leaders of her generation. Commonly known as PKC, Patrice is a consumer-centric marketing extraordinaire who has a track record of discovering new brands and redeveloping existing brands, then leveraging them online by breathing life into their marketing strategy.unnamed (8)

Patrice is the founder of The Bassline Group, a boutique communications and management agency that provides branding, marketing/pr, and management services to (but not limited to) entertainers, creative artists, small businesses and entrepreneurs. Patrice holds both a BS and MBA in Marketing and has over 14 years of experience in the field. As a Virgo who prefers strategically masterminding behind-the-scenes, Patrice has been a hidden gem in the marketing industry, bringing awareness to the importance of developing a strong and authentic brand that resonates with its intended audience, whenever she cans.

Business and music was never a hobby for Patrice. It has always been a passion that developed into a career. Patrice has had the pleasure of working with local union officials, non-profit organizations, creative artists, recording artists, bloggers, authors, lifestyle brands and retail. With the Bassline brand, her goal is to bring more awareness to brand development and business strategy by assisting the creative and talented mind with building an audience and monetizing their gift. It’s hard building and growing a business alone. Patrice’s purpose is to help those avoid doing just that.

Find her online at
Social Media: @TheBasslineGrp

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