TEW turned 5 years old this week!

TEW turned 5 years old this week!12039546_10207737624778864_3915738735774021231_n

I can’t help but think, “wow” look how far we’ve come!

From a small workshop held in the offices of Patrice Perkins “My Lifestyle Zen” with Quinn Riley about “The 5 Steps to Becoming Your Own Boss” to our first book, book signing and launch at Ven Sherrod‘s gallery. We’ve come a long way, and it’s time to celebrate!

Three books published, one more in the works, a collection of over 60 stories by our co-authors about their entrepreneurial journey….what a blessing and what an experience. Thank you to Glenn Murray of 220 Publishing for helping me bring this vision to life 5 years ago!

The Inspirational Book Series for Entrepreneurs prepares to launch Volume 4 – “The Creative Edition” in early 2017

[TEW] is a tribute to and a reminder of our community’s commitment to not just inspiring others, but taking actionable steps to turn our dreams, talents, and abilities into fulfilling, successful businesses + helping others along the way. If looking for a supportive community for entrepreneurs that do even more work than they talk, unleash the entrepreneur within you and join us!‪#‎unleashtheBiz‬

Grab a copy of TEW 1, 2 or 3 online at www.tewyou.com

Stay tuned for our August meet-up!

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