5 Female Entrepreneurs Making a Positive Environmental Impact

Many businesses are developing unique products that help the environment. Among these businesses, there are five female entrepreneurs who have well-known and established businesses based on sound eco-friendly principles.



Vina Lustado (2)Vina Lustado

After more than 10 years focused on high-range projects Vina decided to focus her career on smaller scale projects that could contribute to the environment. With this in mind, Vina founded Sol Haus Design. It is a firm that provides sustainable building solutions. Vina is an avid traveler who embraces simple living in tiny living spaces. Sustainable living spaces are valuable because they decrease energy consumption.

Vina uses practices that promote a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. Designers use construction methods that do not negatively affect the Earth. Each living space is designed with sustainable materials, such as bamboo, cob, cordwood, natural rubber, and recycled brick.



Beth Bell (2)Beth Bell

Beth Bell founded Green Product Placement, which is a media product placement company. The company sells socially enterprising solutions and local products. The prospect of using an engaging marketing platform inspired Bell to promote products based on her own buying ethics.

Many businesses work with Green Product Placement because the product placement specialists place top product brands in television, online media, and film. Beth Bell’s team provides productions with green products. When consumers see the products on television, they will likely purchase them.






unnamedJanette Eusebio Harwell

Box Play For Kids was founded by Janette Eusebio Harwell in 2011 and was inspired her young child’s obsession with old boxes and stickers. The company manufactures custom stickers that are 100 percent recycled. The sticker transform throw-away boxes into fun toys for kids. According to Janette, her company’s mission is to promote creative play that stimulates curiosity, enthusiasm and learning in children.

Eusebio’s company helps the environment because pressure-sensitive adhesives are tough to recycle. During the recycling process, stickers typically stick to the recycling equipment. Janette’s innovative thinking has solved this problem while contributing to the betterment of the environment.




Emily Wilkinson (3)Emily Wilkinson

Emily Wilkinson designed the Botlfilter because she was concerned about the environmental impact of disposable plastic bottles. The Botlfilter has a portable filter that dispenses clean, filtered water on the go.

Wilkinson’s product was so well received by the public that it lead her to becoming recognized as one of the most successful eco-friendly entrepreneur over the last decade. Additionally, Wilkinson’s idea inspired numerous other young female entrepreneur’s to create eco-friendly products of their own.




Steffany Boldrini (2)Steffany Boldrini

Called the “Rachel Ray of eco-living” by the Huffington Post, Steffany Boldrini grew up on a tiny Brazilian ranch. When an important event occurred on the ranch, Boldrini use her experience to create EcoBold. EcoBold is a very successful e-commerce company that provides eco-friendly products such as organic energy bars and organic lipstick.





The five women above are blazing a path for the next generation of female entrepreneurs looking to establish environmentally friendly companies. These trailblazers have proved that not only is an eco-friendly business model feasible, but it can be very lucrative.

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