7 Things Nobody Told You About Facebook Marketing Tips

In this digital era, having a Facebook page is absolutely necessary for successful marketing. One should be able to manage Facebook management SOCIAL POSTto take control of Facebook marketing. Proper management can give you unbelievable great results and sweep in huge profits. However, there are a few things even the pros of social media miss out when it comes to Facebook marketing. So, to help your business grow, here’s a list of 7 lesser-known Facebook marketing tips that may leave you baffled.

  1. Audience Involvement

If you study Facebook pages of top brands in the last few years, you will see that most of them had major online campaigns. Audience involvement through campaigns or competitions has a great success rate because many users find the idea of getting featured by a popular page appealing. Moreover, if they do get featured, they tend to share the link and have people like it.

  1. Being Courteous

Replying to audience’s posts and comments on your page, thanking them whenever you reach a milestone and apologizing when something goes wrong are some Facebook page etiquettes that give you a good image as a brand. This also gives the impression that you really care about your customers, which undoubtedly is good for your business.

  1. Friday Posting

This is one of the Facebook marketing tips that probably come off as weird. But according to research, the highest rate of Facebook usage takes place on Fridays. Since Friday evenings see a higher amount of users, post your best content around noon so that it won’t get lost in the news feed. You should be able to manage Facebook management during this day of the week.

  1. Using Pictures

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and this is true for Facebook marketing as well. According to statistics and experts, pictures have a greater reach than simple text posts because people find pictures more appealing. So, even when you have great text on the line, try using interesting images with it to catch the audiences’ eyes more easily.

  1. Linking to your site

You may have the best Facebook page out there, but that still cannot be a substitute for a proper site. Manage Facebook management involves easy and efficient channeling of customers from Facebook to your site through various means such as links in posts or ads that lead to your site. The site will provide greater ease of browsing and transaction. It helps  you manage your sales better. But most importantly, it establishes your professionalism as a brand.

  1. Having multiple platforms

Another really important (yet a secret) marketing tip is to not limit your social media with Facebook. Take your business to multiple platforms and link them to your Facebook page. Linking multiple platforms to your Facebook page makes it much easier to manage your posts. It helps users across platforms discover you; thus, increasing your reach and online presence.

  1. All work and no play makes a dull page

People come to Facebook to relax and pass the time. If your posts look as dull as the office work they just escaped from, your page is doomed to fail. Manage your page by keeping it interesting and ‘like-worthy’.  Incorporate humor, art and other interesting things into your posts. While users come for the joke, they also get your updates.

Listed are seven of the little-known Facebook marketing tips. You’ll be amazed how these seemingly weird tips work. As part of Facebook management, try them and watch as your page followers (and business) grow.


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