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7While some people are born with an inherent entrepreneurial knack, many successful entrepreneurs channel their business savvy through the advice and experience of others. Aspiring business owners can hone their skills with the help of “The Entrepreneur Within You.” This book is a collection of both inspirational and practical business advice from designer and marketer, Julie Holloway. In addition to Holloway’s tips as a seasoned professional, there are 17 other contributing writers who each pen a chapter on a variety of business topics as well as personal reflection regarding the road to entrepreneurial success in this inspirational business anthology. To purchase the book, click here!




TEW – Volume 1 (November, 2011)

  1. Julie M. Holloway, The JMH Story – Author/Curator300
  2. Bernada N. Baker, Foreword
  3. Don’t Stay Past Your Expiration Date // Rhonda E. Alexander, M.A, M.S.
  4. Don’t Be a Serial Entrepreneur // Patrice N. Perkins
  5. The Power Struggle: Who Has the Power Over You? // Nicole Knox
  6. Relationship Building: Essential for Business, Essential for Life // Glenn Murray
  7. Living on Fifth Avenue // Q. Scott Riley
  8. Asking for Help – Turning Down Offers // Merry Marwig
  9. Eating an Elephant – Overcoming Obstacles to Entrepreneurship // Danielle Willis
  10. Courage // Anthony Lamar Smith
  11. Push Through: It’s Your Business // Tiffany Jasper
  12. God’s Plan and Power // Shaniqua Jones
  13. Marketing Moguls // Beth Doyle and Steve Amella
  14. Marrying my Destiny // Corliss Johnson
  15. Procrastination // Adam Jackson
  16. Entrepreneurship. A Blessing and a Curse // GaLonda Chatman
  17. My Two Most Valuable Lessons // Dana “The Loctician and Barber” Moten


TEW Volume 2 – (Release date: June 29, 2014)

Foreword by Melanie Foote-Davis
1: Failing Up // Donna Smith Bellinger9781624073953-Perfect58
2: Four Disastrous Faux Pas of Consumer Engagement // Jetta Bates Vasilatos
3: Kicking Ass Instead of being the Ass That’s Kicked // Michael Luchies
4: Life is Too Short to Wait // Patrice K. Cokley
5: From Corporate Life to Life by Design… It Can Happen to You // Brandy Adamson
6: Overcoming Challenges // Juanita C. White
7: Young, Wild Working and Free // Ryan and Ashley Small
8: Why Not You? // Nicole L. Sawyer-Warner
9: Stop Listening and Just Do It // Tiffany Green
10: The Lady, Faith, and Her Pen // Aisha Z. Adams
11: Those Challenges You’re Facing? Yeah, They’re Normal // David M. Taylor II
12: Creating Your Vision Inspired Life // Monique Solomon Spence
13: See It, Believe It and Do It // Aubrey Dickson
14: When Fear Comes Knocking, Let Faith Answer The Door! // Raiko Dai
15: You Need Money! // Louis Green
16: Unleash TEW You // Julie M. Holloway
17: TEW Journal // Laura E. Knights, MSW

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TEW2 is coming June, 2014! Stay tuned for our official author line-up!