5 Must-Have Apps for the Busy Entrepreneur

By Zach Taiji


Being an entrepreneur and growing your startup can be one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences, but the road to success is never easy. It’s a demanding and often times 24/7 job, requiring an effective work-life balance in order to be successful (and happy).


Thankfully, the little rectangular devices that live inside our pockets for most of the day contain powerful features that can help entrepreneurs manage their day-to-day routines and inspire success.


You might be thinking, why would I have time to use these apps when I’ve got a million other things to do? Good news: many apps are designed with busy people in mind, and require only a few minutes of your attention each day. Below are five apps that help make a busy entrepreneur’s day easier:


CloudMagic (Free – $5 per month)todoist

Checking and writing email is necessary part of any entrepreneur’s daily routine, albeit time consuming. CloudMagic is an email app for iOS and Android that features full push notification support, a unified inbox and connections to your other productivity apps like Evernote and Salesforce with “Cards”.


Todoist (Free – $3 per month)

Todoist is a cloud-based todo list app that syncs tasks across almost every mobile or desktop device imaginable. Busy users can take advantage of colored labels, filters, recurring tasks and notifications to make sure you don’t miss anything important. Gmail users can even add their emails as tasks.


1Password (Free – $9)1password

For iOS, Android and desktop devices, 1Password helps manage all of your passwords, payment card information, software licenses and more. The iOS version features Touch ID support and the app syncs passwords securely across multiple devices. A must-have for busy entrepreneurs who have several online accounts. $9 and up gets you additional features.


Audvisor (Free)

Audvisor is an app for iOS and Android devices that features quick three minute audio tips from 100+ experts, including Seth Godin and Guy Kawaski. There are currently over 1,000 audio clips covering over a dozen topics, ranging from entrepreneurship to marketing.



SignEasy (Free – $5)

Signing and sending contracts is never a fun task, especially if you don’t have a scanner or computer in front of you while on the go. SignEasy allows you to securely sign and collect signatures on iOS, Android and BlackBerry. One of the most affordable signing app options, the first 3 documents are free and 10 additional documents are $5 each.



Zach Taiji

Zach works as a freelance writer/photographer by night and a public relations professional by day. He has over 4 years of writing experience in general technology trends, marketing/PR, social media and web design – and has helped place articles in various publications including Wired, PC Mag and 9to5mac.


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