Beat the Competition with 4 Proven Techniques

You don’t need to be a corporation on scale with Apple or Google in order to provide stellar customer service and enjoy an ongoing increase in sales. In fact, for many small businesses, the advantage is with the people they hire. Forbes reports that 50 percent of all Americans work for a small business and prefer it over a larger company. So how can you make hiring decisions that help you stand above the competition? And how can you earn increased business at the same time?

Here are four tips to success:

1. Be a Match, Not a Company

Some of the best strategies to wooing customers are the same often used to attract the opposite sex. Entrepreneur claims that it’s always best to treat your customers as you would a first date in an ad campaign: be honest and upfront about the product, while demonstrating the customer’s specific needs. Like a first date, furthermore, provide a bit of intrigue to keep them coming back.

2. Offer Security and Peace of Mind

If you sell your products online, some degree of customer hesitation may come with the territory. E-theft is one of the fastest-growing crimes in the nation, with millions affected each year. To better increase the chances of making or keeping a sale, ensure that your customers know that their data is protected. A service like Lifelock allows your company to maintain a tight hold on your sales data and offers security solutions in the event of a breach. Customers who know that they are in good hands are more likely to return time and time again.

3. Create a Personal Connection

Many companies use some sort of automated response system for their contact method, and the majority of customers dislike it. Small Business Trends puts the individual response high up on their list of advice for new small business owners, recommending that all interactions with customers be done with a personal connection rather than relying on “press 5 for…”. Hire customer service representatives who take this philosophy to heart in order to get better word-of-mouth from consumers. Superior rates of return from your existing market share will follow.

4. Make Sales Mobile

A point-of-sale solution can be the best thing to ever happen to a business. By removing the constraints of the brick-and-mortar store and allowing for mobile sales, companies can bring the product directly to the customer. Entrepreneur notes that a mobile sale can save a small business as much as $10,000 right away while providing a variety of other tangible benefits during its lifecycle. Since it requires little or no training, a point-of-sale solution for your company can effectively turn any employee into a sales agent and further boost the numbers.

Apply these four helpful strategies to your business plan, and cultivate a team of employees who is on board with your company’s goals and the path to get there.

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