Best Team Building Activities for Bringing Co-Workers or Project Teams Together

Team building activities are necessary in every serious company that cares about success, reputation and well-being of its employees. All managers tewlogosmallerwho know what they’re doing will make a special effort and invest in team building exercises and games. Regardless of the team building activity type (indoor, outdoor, workshop, work lunch, field trip, party, etc.) – their goal is always the same. They help build a strong team of people who trust each other and communicate effectively; they improve team morale and job satisfaction; and they create a healthy working environment and increase employee productivity.

Here is a short list of fun team building ideas that will bring co-workers closer and create a high performance working environment.

1. Icebreaker games for getting to know each other

Crossword names

Team building may be difficult if the team is new and most people don’t know each other very well. Breaking the ice and bringing team members a bit closer is the best way to start working with such a group. Even if the team is not new, the company environment may discourage people from bonding (lack of time, management that doesn’t support communication, etc.). Here’s a great list of icebreaker games and don’t worry – although they are “officially” intended for teenagers, they can be perfect for any age group.


2. Activities that enhance people’s competitive spirit


Corporate poker night

Working on a common goal is a thing that defines a perfect team. However, a little competitive spirit doesn’t hurt. Competing against each other can be exciting and very informative – it lets us know more about the people in the team. The best team building solutions are those that use entertainment as a means of achieving success. Playing cards and board games is probably the easiest and most fun way to enhance morale, motivation and to teach effective winning strategies.




3. Games that build a feeling of trust and team communication


The minefield

When we say “team building activities”, people usually think of those that make co-workers collaborate on a common task and enhance team spirit. This is not far from truth as encouraging mutual trust, cooperation and effective, friendly communication are the very essence of every team building activity. Games such as minefield, poker tower, bike build, back-to-back drawing and survival activity can’t succeed without all people working together on accomplishing a common goal.


4. Activities that pose a challenge


Scavenger hunts

Activities that make people spend lots of energy and raise their adrenaline levels can be quite useful. They inspire team members to develop persistence and strong will. Some of these activities (such as scavenger hunts) improve team communication and increase competitive spirit at the same time. However, it’s good to be careful when organizing such events. An activity that is exciting for some may be frightening and traumatic for others (such as white water rafting, for example). It’s best to find a relatively safe activity that everyone can relate to.


5. Activities that help people unwind


Saturday afternoon at the beach

All team building games and activities should be fun, but they have other goals and objectives as well. When I say “activities that help people unwind”, that’s exactly what I mean. Their only purpose should be common enjoyment and relaxation. A company doesn’t have to set aside a big budget for that – it can be a weekend barbecue at someone’s place, a karaoke night, watching a football game, a day at the beach or a short field-trip… the options are countless! Fun team building activities are extremely important because they relieve work-related stress and increase productivity – and we all know that only happy workers are productive workers.


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