Meet some of the TEW Co-Authors!

Meet some of the TEW Co-Authors!

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Hello from JMH Art + Design!

 Hope you can join us for this upcoming event!



Event contact: Julie Holloway
630.220.3655 //


Check out our full design menu here:

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 Thank you so much for your business and for your business referrals!
We appreciate you!


A few notes from our clients:

Julie patiently worked through rounds of revisions and my lack of design knowledge to design a unique and attractive logo that gets compliments from everyone who sees it. I highly recommend her as a great person, entrepreneurial influencer, and graphic designer.

Mike Luchies, CEO, TrepRep


You honestly ‘get what you pay for’…
I had a vision in my head and just couldn’t describe it to give anyone a visual. I told Julie what the name of my organization is, what the organization was about  and she took off like a rocket. So very detailed and creative. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my logo. I have even trusted my T-shirt line idea to Julie. Can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.
Yolunda Rená Cooper, CEO
4 My Voice Matters, NFP

Finding designers who can deliver excellence can be challenging but it’s about loyalty and trust for us.   Our company believes in working with people they can trust as well as deliver high quality creative solutions and JMH has been a great partner of ours for the past 3 years and we hope to continue to work with them for our company and our client’s work.

Larvetta L. Loftin, CEO of L3 Eventeurs


We needed a website for our hotel renovation company and were introduced to JMH and glad we were. Julie and her team were more than patient and understanding on what we wanted. She listened to every detail and had suggestions as well. She answered all our questions in a timely fashion and I never felt like I was a bother to her. Thank you Julie and the team for all your hard work and dedication.

Zoraida Brown
Floor2Ceiling Hotel Renovations


I loved working with your team; you were extremely patient with the crazy schedule of entrepreneur and gently helped me to stay focused. Eventually we got it done. I would recommend you to my friends and colleagues.

Holly, Manny’s Blue Room Chicago

Thank you to all who joined me at the Chicago Urban League 100th Year Picnic last weekend!

#JMHstyle #CUL100

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How To Create Custom Dress Shirts In Custom Designing Module

How To Create Custom Dress Shirts In Custom Designing Module

In recent times we have witnessed a change in the behavior pattern of consumers when it comes to dress shirts. “Unsatisfactory!” is how one of the target groups responded. In general, people are now leaning towards online facilities that provide professional tailoring services. It’s easy, time saving and saves you from the troubles of conventional shopping that includes spending endless hours at the mall trying out different types and then end up going home with neither.

At, a user friendly Online ordering process has been integrated along with website that  help user to order perfect fit according to his preferences. You can fabric options to the design the dress shirt.

Step 1 – Make an Account: The very first step is to visit Custom Stitchers and make an account which will carry your name, address and a record of orders with respective dates and quantities.

Step 2 – Selection of Fabric: The next step includes the selection of fabric and the number of material needed. For example you can choose between Italian Cotton and Egyptian cotton. The website has provided a clear picture of the fabric and a Zoom option for extra clarity and better understanding of the fabric texture and design.



Step 3 – Design Shirt:  After selecting the fabric you head towards selecting the design features of your shirt which are as below:

  1. Fitting: First of all you have to choose between slim, regular and loose fit.
  2. Collar Style: You can choose from a variety of eleven collar designs but in case the styles mentioned does not match what you have in mind then you can mention the style of your choice in the comments section. You can also fill out some optional adjustments like collar slays, collar band height and etc.
  3. Cuffs/Sleeve: you can choose from an array of design options and check out the optional adjustments.
  4. Pocket Style
  5. Front Style: In here you can choose from the plain front styles and tuxedo styles with additional charges mentioned.
  6. Back style: in here you can choose between plain, side pleats and center pleats.
  7. Monogram and Buttons: In this section, information regarding the monogram and buttons are required. In case you want to request any other kind you can drop in your comments in the comments section.

Step 4: Measurements/Size: In this section you are required to add in your weight and height and in the next step you are required to either enter your standard size or your body measurements or enter your Dress shirt measurements.

If there is any problem with the measurements recorded in the database, then they will give you a call and confirm it before proceeding with the order.

Step 5 – Hit Checkout: The last step, here you have to mention all your personal details and then proceed with the checkout. You will receive a call and confirmation of your order will be required; once you have confirmed it; your order will be delivered to their Stitching department.


Author Bio:

Emma, the writer of this blog post is a frequent blogger. She writes excellent posts regarding men fashion, recent trending stuff in the world of fashion and men custom dressing.


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Join us for a TEW Book Signing + Meet and Greet!

Join us for a TEW Book Signing + Meet and Greet!




Purchase your book in advance to bring to the signing or purchase on-site!




Event contact: Julie Holloway
630.220.3655 //

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TEW turned 5 years old this week!

TEW turned 5 years old this week!

TEW turned 5 years old this week!12039546_10207737624778864_3915738735774021231_n

I can’t help but think, “wow” look how far we’ve come!

From a small workshop held in the offices of Patrice Perkins “My Lifestyle Zen” with Quinn Riley about “The 5 Steps to Becoming Your Own Boss” to our first book, book signing and launch at Ven Sherrod‘s gallery. We’ve come a long way, and it’s time to celebrate!

Three books published, one more in the works, a collection of over 60 stories by our co-authors about their entrepreneurial journey….what a blessing and what an experience. Thank you to Glenn Murray of 220 Publishing for helping me bring this vision to life 5 years ago!

The Inspirational Book Series for Entrepreneurs prepares to launch Volume 4 – “The Creative Edition” in early 2017

[TEW] is a tribute to and a reminder of our community’s commitment to not just inspiring others, but taking actionable steps to turn our dreams, talents, and abilities into fulfilling, successful businesses + helping others along the way. If looking for a supportive community for entrepreneurs that do even more work than they talk, unleash the entrepreneur within you and join us!‪#‎unleashtheBiz‬

Grab a copy of TEW 1, 2 or 3 online at

Stay tuned for our August meet-up!

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Please vote for TEW3 – Small Business Trends Book Awards!

Please vote for TEW3 – Small Business Trends Book Awards!

Hello from JMH Art + Design!12039546_10207737624778864_3915738735774021231_n


We are so excited to hear!!!! TEW3 has been nominated in the Small Business Trends Book Awards! Please CLICK and VOTE for us today!


[TEW] is a tribute to and a reminder of our community’s commitment to not just inspiring others, but taking actionable steps to turn our dreams, talents, and abilities into fulfilling, successful businesses + helping others along the way. If looking for a supportive community for entrepreneurs that do even more work than they talk, unleash the entrepreneur within you and join us! #unleashtheBiz


* * *

Thank you so much for your business!
With Love,

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3 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Should Use Local SEO

3 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Should Use Local SEO


Local SEO is a world unto itself, and paradoxically, a rather large one. Thousands of local ranking factors exist, some easy to execute and others that are quite complex. Should entrepreneurs invest in local SEO? Whether your business serves a local, national or global market, the answer could well be yes. Here’s why:


1.     Quicker Wins2fe0857b-5f4a-4ea3-86fb-c26065de5393

When you compete in SEO, you’re competing against everyone in the world. When you compete in local SEO, you’re only competing against everyone targeting the particular local area. By cutting your number of competitors by about 95 percent, you improve your chances of getting higher rankings and more exposure. In other words, you stand to get a much higher ROI on your SEO investment.

For local companies like restaurants, engaging in local SEO is a no-brainer. Though for businesses marketing nationally or globally, local SEO is also an appealing option, largely for the reason stated above. Rather than compete against the world for the world, a winning strategy for entrepreneurs instead could be targeting a few important local markets — especially if there are local markets where the company has a competitive advantage or the demographics suggest a higher potential conversion rate.


2.     Branding Value

A lot of local SEO involves securing favorable user reviews and being cited on local websites such as chambers of commerce, community organizations and community online news publications. These types of brand mentions not only improve rankings, they strongly contribute to a positive brand image. Furthermore, these mentions extend your brand’s reach by exposing your company to local audiences.

Entrepreneurial businesses can never have enough brand recognition and credibility. User reviews and positive PR may have a value exceeding the raw SEO performance of a local SEO campaign, especially in the early stages. In short, a local SEO performance allows you to double-dip, getting a PR campaign and an SEO campaign for the price of one.


3. Ride the Mobile SEO Train

More and more, Google’s organic search algorithm is being oriented to favor mobile search. This is no surprise, since mobile Internet usage now exceeds desktop usage, and the gap will only widen.

One aspect of Google’s shift toward mobile is a greater likelihood of Google serving results to users based on his/her geographic location. Because there are so many mobile users, and because many of their searches are for local-based information, Google naturally wants to give users what they want: local Web content.

You may have noticed even on a desktop search that Google has a “Local Pack” that shows featured local results far more prominently than standard search results. The Local Pack has gone through several design iterations, but the intended outcome is the same: to make standout local content hit search engine users over their heads.

Thus, a successful local SEO campaign could make a company’s organic visibility on Google far surpass that of huge competitors with no local campaign. Again, not only does this prominent visibility generate leads and e-commerce revenue, it also strengthens branding and reach. All in all, a very good reason to pursue a local SEO strategy.


Start Small and Scale

Fittingly, a smart approach to local SEO is to start small and scale the campaign systematically. This not only helps the budget, but mistakes learned in the initial campaign to a single local market can inform future campaigns to new markets, making them more efficient out of the gate. For almost any business, local SEO is an option not only worth considering, but also testing.


Author Bio

Brad Shorr is Straight North’s B2B Marketing Director. Straight North is an Internet marketing firm headquartered in the Chicagoland area that specializes in SEO, PPC and web design. Brad’s articles have been featured on renown sites, such as: Smashing Magazine, Forbes and Moz.

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Guest Post: How to BE with your WHY.

Guest Post: How to BE with your WHY.


WARNING: This is some seriously vulnerable shit.


So, I haven’t written a blog post in a really long time. I’ve been focused on delivering a lot more to the Champagne Room, my Copy That students, and my one-on-one clients. And I have to admit: I’ve slipped up a little with my own bigger business message.


I have been in the whirlwind of “go go go” and in doing so, started to let go of my own “why.”


If you’ve been hanging around Your Hot Copy long enough, you’ve heard me talk a LOT about the importance of connecting to your greater “why.” After all, it sets you apart from your competition. It makes you memorable. It makes you unique. It shows people that you’re human and real and imperfect. It brings you down to earth. It fosters connection.


So vulnerability and REALNESS are necessary for your community. Showing all sides of you in a way that offers value to your audience is, well, everything. So now, it’s my turn to take a giant step back and expose more of the human behind the brand. *wink*


This week, I’ve decided to put my money where my words are… I’ve decided to get real.


Like all great stories, it begins with a significant relationship. And mine is pretty obvious. In every way, I am my father’s daughter. (Key qualities: Driven. Business-minded. Creative.)


Now for the realness… last week marked eleven years since I lost him. Deep breath.


I’m writing this post because there isn’t a DAY that goes by in my business that I do not use a skill or value that I inherited from my father. Because his “why” is my “why.” Because when you lose someone that you love, you never truly stop missing them. But they’re also never really gone.


And while no relationships are “perfect,” I have been unreasonably lucky.


I am consistently grateful that I grew up in an environment where I was encouraged to go forth and be creative. My father, on the other hand, did not have that privilege. He struggled a lot more in his youth, in making a name and living for himself, and in discovering the value of art, creativity, and comedy. But, by his mid-twenties, he found his purpose and even started a non-profit in New York City. My father’s initiative created youth centers to teach at-risk kids art and music for free.




Because art, music, comedy, and creativity heal.They make life better. They make things okay. They build connections. They transmit experiences. They let you know you’re not alone. They help you FEEL.


Your Hot Copy is built around my writing and sales skills and what I can offer my clients. There is no denying that. But it’s also built around my personal mission to work with unexpressed creatives, because I believe that your talent is worth it. You can create work and a life that expresses YOU, IF you make the choice to value your talent (and yourself) beyond the perceived “market value.”


It doesn’t matter if you make all (or any) of your money doing it. What matters is that you’re doing it. That’s what the WHY is all about.


But here’s the thing about the WHY.

Business isn’t just about the “why,” it’s also about the “how.”


Like how I was fortunate to be raised to think like a creative entrepreneur, by a creative entrepreneur. Like how I now have countless skills to offer my clients because of it.


Since my father created his own reality, he made it clear to me that I had the power to do the same.


Most parents encourage their children to go to college.

My father offered me money to start a business instead.


Most parents push their kids to get straight As.

My father wanted me to live more and work less.


Most parents want their kids to “get a job.”

My father raised me to question authority and do my own thing.


While most parents care if their kids ace all of their subjects, my father made sure that I understood sales, business, marketing, and people. This doesn’t mean that I always listened, took all of his advice, or even skipped higher education for some sweet upstart cash (regrets are REAL). But the best things that I do in my business – for my clients and myself – are so deeply ingrained that most of the time I don’t even realize I’m doing them.

This is precisely why I’m NOW working on making all of these writing and sales skills completely teachable for you. Because this is my legacy, and it’s been invaluable to me, and it’s time to share it.


My father showed me that you can do anything you dream, with the right mindset and skill set. He showed me that when you combine your unique gifts in a way that truly helps people… you’ve found your sweet spot. (And the place where money will totally flow.)


That’s all the “why” I’ll ever need.


Read more from Jamie Jensen here:

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Advice for the Entrepreneur Within You – an interview with Julie M. Holloway

Advice for the Entrepreneur Within You – an interview with Julie M. Holloway

“Listen to yourself. You know what I mean – listen to that voice that’s telling you what you really want to be when you grow up. Give yourself the chance to try it, and see what happens. When I quit art school as a teenager, I also quit my dream. I “settled” for far too long before I took that dream back, but I’m happy to be living it now!”

Read more from my interview with Cantata Best Life Foundation​ at:11760132_403559593185338_8418241033455689884_n (1)



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