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Introducing Ignite, Monthly Sprints For Suburban Entrepreneurs


When I first started working on Reading Glue nearly three years ago, I found myself attending a lot of startup focused meetup groups around the area.2014-06-06 14.34.04 I spent a lot of time learning from other people’s experiences. There was nothing wrong with this, but I really needed to be getting my feet wet with my own experiences. It is so much easier to sit in a room and hear someone else’s story rather than getting out of the building and writing your own.

For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.
― Aristotle, The Nicomachean Ethics

Learning from others and learning on your own are equally important. Sprinkle a little accountability into the mix, and you have the perfect recipe to help ignite your process of validating and building an idea. This ideology has been used by myself and other members at the Elgin Technology Center for some time now, and we thought it was time to open it up to the public by creating a new meetup group called Ignite.

Ignite is focused on providing education, collaboration, and most importantly holding entrepreneurs accountable so they can continue to make progress in validating and building meaningful solutions to problems.


We will focus the first half of each meetup around a new startup topic. One week we might be discussing how to build a killer UVP (unique value proposition), and the next might be about ways to create a MVP (minimum viable product) for validation purposes.


One of the most important aspects of Ignite is collaboration. Are you struggling with something as you try to launch your startup? Do you have any interesting “A-ha” moments you want to share with the group? We will dedicate plenty of time to help each other out in a collaborative setup.


Holding yourself and / or co-founders accountable can be a very difficult task. We will wrap each meetup with a sprint meeting where Ignite entrepreneurs make goals to hit by the next meetup. Our goal is to provide you with a little extra motivation to take action and produce results that you can share with the team next month.


Join us for our first meetup on Wednesday August 26 at 7PM. We will meet in the 3rd floor meeting room of the Elgin Technology Center. RSVP for our first meetup at

Hit us up on meetup with any questions or suggestions. The entire team at ETC is super excited to share this collaboration process with the public, and we hope that you are just as excited to participate.

Ready for co-working? Join ETC Today!

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