Thanks to all that attended our first Mini-Workshop Series by TEW!

Here’s some of the praise we’ve received so far:

The workshop was an eye-opener for uncertainties that I had begun to have. One of the best parts of the workshop was that the audience were able to hear each panelist honestly answer several relevant questions as it pertained to entrepreneurship and how their story began. There was also time for the audience to ask questions whether were specific to their own situation, to a specific panelist or industry. This may have assisted many of those who chose to just listen and observe. Then lastly, everyone had the opportunity to speak to panelists and audience members while book signing activities were happening. Just a great event throughout.


I attended the workshop with my husband.. So INSPIRING!!! I was so moved by all of you AWESOME successful people.. If you have a DREAM Do it!! You are the only one that can..Don’t let anything hold you back.. I am looking forward to the next workshop.. Julie GraphicDesigner Holloway you are true statement of going after your DREAM.. Thank you for the invite!!


The TEW Workshop was an energetic and enlightening learning experience for the neophyte and the veteran entrepreneur.  The TEW and TEW Jr. crew provided encouragement to those looking to start, revitalize, or continue in the business arena.  The meet and greet allowed participants to forge networking relationships. Great job JMH and the TEW crew!   ~ Ruby from The Oasis Empowerment Zone where “dreams become visions, visions become goals, and goals become reality”


I’m glad I attended and was able to connect with some awesome people. I’m very excited about moving forward in my purpose and applying the lessons from the entrepreneur panel. – K. Hodge


The workshop was extremely informative, with a wide range of information due to the selected panelists. The different backgrounds, occupations, and journeys  of the speakers made the information provided VERY relatable. ~ Mr. Avant


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