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Once I announced my ‘quit day’ to the world, I had so many inspirational conversations over the next six weeks. My ex-colleague from the same company told me, “as long as you can get over that initial fear you will soar”. She was right! I left that fear in the garbage and said never again. I will not have any fear stopping my mission of being an E-N-T-R-E-P-R-E-N-E-U-R. It was time for business!
I had weekly calls with mentor and friend Q. Scott Riley, and had really inspirational call with radio personality Kendall Moore just days before. Kendall said, “Jules, let me tell you a story.” It went something like this, “at some point in your life you and the world will be standing at the edge of a pier, overlooking a lake. One somebody will dive in and swim and the other one will remain on the edge of that pier dangling for their life but will not jump.” Say no more, Kendall, I’m jumping in head first!

At that moment, I agreed that I refuse to be that person afraid to jump for one more minute. It is truly the most uncomfortable feeling when you darn right know you should jump but something is plain holding you back, FEAR (it’s a killer). I was so glad I had that conversation that day.

The Entrepreneur Within ~ Book Release Coming 10.28.2012
by JMH

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