How Small Shops take on the Retail Giants

How do you think you would feel if you operated a small mom & pop shop then suddenly one of those massive retail giants sets down in your area? You’d feel dread because you already know they have the branding and pricing that will attract the local crowd. The future for your business may look bleak.

However, small shops can do more than offer some flashy marketing campaign and dirt cheap prices (for dirt cheap quality products). A small mom & pop shop has character; it’s a 9781630687038-Perfect-Outlines---CopyV3place where when you walk in they know you by name which keeps people coming back and improves the lifetime value of the customer.

Even though you have these going for you it still means you’re in an uphill battle to keep the locals coming to your shop. Using outdated systems, marketing campaigns, and sticking to the small business mentality may actually be what ends up closing the shop.

Here are some of the ways to modernize your small business so that you may take on the retail giants trying to scoop your piece of the pie:

POS Systems

Point-of-Sale systems are becoming common place in small businesses because it allows the shop owners to accept all kinds of payments with nominal fees.

Using modern POS systems also come with backends which allow the business to collect user data, sales reports, analytics, and keep a purchase history. The information the POS system collects can be used to create a business newsletter where you could send out promotional offers to keep people coming through the door, encourage them to follow on social media, or share their experience through reviews.

All of these bonuses lead to great marketing for a small business that doesn’t have the kind of budget as the big retailers.

Unique Stand-outs and Designs

Though a large retail business has the power to swoop in and take over a small town, what they lack is personality because all of them feel sterile and similar. You walk around them and they feel no different than the one in the next town.

As a small business owner you are in a great position to create an eclectic feel to your store. By creating customer-centric in-store cardboard display stands you can cater these designs to the feel and branding of your shop so each nook and cranny feels homey and inviting.

These displays are perfect for the end-cap where much of the attention shifts to as people wander the shop. They are also perfect at the counter during checkout to catch those last minute, impulse purchases which could quickly raise your bottom line.

Community Activity

The big retail shops like to claim they are doing great for the community but let’s be honest and admit that although they’re donating it’s still driving down the viability for small shop owners to exist. When the mom & pop shops shut down there’s a certain “soul” that is lost within the area.

Operating a small shop gives you that ability to give back to the community where the retail giants couldn’t because of all the procedures and legality from corporate. For example:

·  If you want to sponsor a little league team you can

·  If you want to have a workshop you can

·  If you want to hold a party at your location you can

These small gestures makes your business feel like it’s truly part of the community, which the retail giants could never achieve no matter their budgets. By creating this love for the community the community will love you back. You become a staple and people will go out of their way to do business with you rather than save a couple bucks throwing it at some corporation.

Do you own a small shop? What do you do differently than the big retailers that are keeping people coming through the doors?

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