How To Create Custom Dress Shirts In Custom Designing Module

In recent times we have witnessed a change in the behavior pattern of consumers when it comes to dress shirts. “Unsatisfactory!” is how one of the target groups responded. In general, people are now leaning towards online facilities that provide professional tailoring services. It’s easy, time saving and saves you from the troubles of conventional shopping that includes spending endless hours at the mall trying out different types and then end up going home with neither.

At, a user friendly Online ordering process has been integrated along with website that  help user to order perfect fit according to his preferences. You can fabric options to the design the dress shirt.

Step 1 – Make an Account: The very first step is to visit Custom Stitchers and make an account which will carry your name, address and a record of orders with respective dates and quantities.

Step 2 – Selection of Fabric: The next step includes the selection of fabric and the number of material needed. For example you can choose between Italian Cotton and Egyptian cotton. The website has provided a clear picture of the fabric and a Zoom option for extra clarity and better understanding of the fabric texture and design.



Step 3 – Design Shirt:  After selecting the fabric you head towards selecting the design features of your shirt which are as below:

  1. Fitting: First of all you have to choose between slim, regular and loose fit.
  2. Collar Style: You can choose from a variety of eleven collar designs but in case the styles mentioned does not match what you have in mind then you can mention the style of your choice in the comments section. You can also fill out some optional adjustments like collar slays, collar band height and etc.
  3. Cuffs/Sleeve: you can choose from an array of design options and check out the optional adjustments.
  4. Pocket Style
  5. Front Style: In here you can choose from the plain front styles and tuxedo styles with additional charges mentioned.
  6. Back style: in here you can choose between plain, side pleats and center pleats.
  7. Monogram and Buttons: In this section, information regarding the monogram and buttons are required. In case you want to request any other kind you can drop in your comments in the comments section.

Step 4: Measurements/Size: In this section you are required to add in your weight and height and in the next step you are required to either enter your standard size or your body measurements or enter your Dress shirt measurements.

If there is any problem with the measurements recorded in the database, then they will give you a call and confirm it before proceeding with the order.

Step 5 – Hit Checkout: The last step, here you have to mention all your personal details and then proceed with the checkout. You will receive a call and confirmation of your order will be required; once you have confirmed it; your order will be delivered to their Stitching department.


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