How to Start Your Own Photography and Video Business

…in The Wedding Industry in 6 Simple Steps

I have always been fascinated with photography and how it captures special moments in life. More than selfies and vain pictures, it speaks of life and its beauty not all eyes could see. Freezing memories and making them run again through videos is greatly partnered with photography. I salute to their discoverers!

Talking about moments in life, every couple deeply in-love waits and braces for this special time- wedding. With all its preparations, one could go nuts. One of the most significant aspects of wedding is documentation so that couples can reminisce the time when they said their vows to each other. This is the perfect opportunity for you, photographers!

Knowing the Facts of Photography and applying it as a hobby, yes, is expensive. But who says it is just a pastime? You can make money with that camera of yours, dude. Never say never when you are invited to a wedding and you brought the appropriate lens with you. They say it is never easy, but who said it is that hard? If you are up to the challenge of money-making vis-à-vis your hobby, then try the following easy steps:

  1. Set your goals.

Like a teacher’s lesson plan, you need to establish your business goals. This is important in starting anything to set a direction and provide a clear path to your desired outcome.

  1. Research and ask.

Yes, I know, you love weddings and photography. Yet you should start with the basics, like Facts of Photography. Search about the technicalities of your camera. Ask some friends who have tried wedding photography about their experiences. Take a look at wedding magazines and sample pictures taken by famous photographers. You are not yet an expert, so better learn from them and slowly become one of them.

  1. Prepare options

Customers love options, so give them what they want! Create a variety of packages and services that can suit to their different needs. Price them well. You can add discounts and privileges too.

  1. Register and get a license.

To be legally transacting, take the appropriate actions to give your business a license. Think of a simple, distinctive and easily-remembered name for your business. It could be your name or your pet’s name, etc.

  1. Acquire the right tools.

“With power comes great responsibility.” Then, with starting business comes the proper tools to improve efficiency and quality of service. Buy the right, durable, and complete tools like camera, batteries, lenses, editing software, among others.

  1. Get attention.

First, create a portfolio which is a comprehensive collection of your works. Then, attract customers through colorful and convincing ads either in printed posters or social media sites to reach more people.

  1. Connect.

Create a wedding blog and showcase your works. Include a brief caption for each photo and video to let the readers know your thoughts. You can also narrate some of your experiences to share your passion in what you are doing. Participate in wedding blog forums to continue learning. Establish a relationship and leave brochures with contacts to wedding-oriented vendors.

With these simple steps, your knowledge about the Facts of Photography, and your burning passion with your work, you will surely create a name in the industry.




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