I am… an Entrepreneur by JMH

616473_10151157322443733_1076697868_oI thrive on creativity.
I mingle with destiny.
I love to take a risk.
I can’t stand NOT to COLLABORATE!
I network with passionate people.
I am growing 2 mini-kidpreneurs!
I live for tomorrow as it’s such a blank canvas!
I give myself away…so you can use me {{make use of my creativity}}
I burn midnight oil.
I remain inspired by you!
I TELL people to quit their day job.
I am the dream ‘midwife’ . . .
I love my art.
I love to share my passion with my family.
I no longer FEAR.
I support you!
I wake up at the crack of dawn with butterflies, excited what today will hold.
I dream about marketing ideas.
I design from the <3
I am divinely content.
I took a LEAP of faith.
I learn from the BEST!
I think I’m on FIRE!
I never remain comfortable.
I live the dream.
I grind. They sleep.
I quit my job 1 and 1/2 years ago to pursue my dream.

I have UNLEASHED my entrepreneur within.
Have you?

<3 JMH




Author: TEW

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