It’s Over for this Cubicle Chick

work_cubicle_0513This is a letter I wrote to my former office cubicle in my former corporatey job that I presently do not care so much about. I wrote this to my cubicle when I finally got up the nerve to QUIT 🙂

* * *

Dear Cubicle (aka “Cubie” my old office cubicle) ~

I know, I know, I may not have been here for very long. As a matter of fact, it’s been about 1,095 days too long in my book (less the dreadful weekends that I whined about not wanting to come to work the following Monday).

Cubie, I have dreams beyond these metal and felt walls stuck with pushpins that are attacking the lame office rules and regulations. I have visions that launch far beyond the office water cooler and community refrigerator. I have a plan for my life that extends beyond the conference table where endless meetings die and dreams for ME wither away. I have big plans cubie, and I do not intend on worrying about who refilled the coffee maker or who didn’t load more paper in the fax machine. I have thoughts of leaving you every morning when I get in, and unfortunately they do not diminish when I tuck all of my random post-it notes underneath my keyboard before dashing out of here at night. Cubicle, we have been through a lot over the past few years, and yes, you have heard all of my conversations about this sucky ass job, but guess what, I appreciate you for listening. I never fit in here.

It’s been a great collaboration, Cubie, you have taken great care of my Altoid mints, my cool marker sets, my false business cards (the ones where I never really liked my title anyways), imagesmy cute butterfly lunch box, my coffee mugs, my positive Himalayan salt lamp, my never ending doodles on company letterhead and of course, the million and one photos of my babies. But as they say, all good things must come to an end. Today I told my boss to kiss it where the sun don’t shine because it’s my TIME! I am taking a huge risk, yes, cubie, I know… but in the end, it will all be worth it, why… because I am doing ME. I’m leaving you today so I can go and live my dream and boy, oh boy am I dreaming big. Sooooo, I hope the next “one” that gets to sit in this chair and hang out with you is just as awesome as me, because I gots to go! I love you cubie, but I’m heading home to my new office and my fuzzy slippers where coffee is endless, vacation days are on my own terms and I can wake up and roll into work whenever the hell I want to.

Cubie, I think I was born to be an entrepreneur, and unfortunately, that means you and me, well, we are officially OVER.


Love, JMH



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