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by: JMH

So about last night. . . we have a huge brainstorming session, right…. Her “online” boutique followed by a storefront is in the works. She calls it the Boss Boutique. I start researching, _MG_02122aand break the news that www. bossboutique .com is taken by someone else on godaddy so instead I purchased for her “” ~ Mom here is all excited b/c we share the same JMH initials right…. she’s gonna say, nope; sorry I don’t want that one cuz the “people” are going to think it’s yours mom because it starts with JMH….. (like I’m trying to steal her biz)

I had to go there….. I pulled out the talk about how a) I named her after @jasmine guy back in 2002, but really, b) I named her so that we would have the ‘same’ artist initials “JMH” so that one day I could pass down my legacy to her hopefully she understands now!

We’re rollin’ with the JMH Boss Boutique and it’s all yours baby girl! As our girl Vau’ve Anais says, “build a brand, start a LEGACY” and that’s how we roll here at @JMH…..


Check us out at:, and!

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