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How many times have you heard that it is important to live within your means? When the conversation of budgeting comes up, how does this topic make you feel? If you’re like most of us you probably feel uncomfortable because “living within your means” is defined as scaling back on the choices you enjoy the most.

Americans spend millions on dining out, going to the movies and concerts. We love shopping (for many, shopping is therapeutic). We enjoy vacationing, buying new cars, decorating our homes, and treating our children to the things that also give them great pleasure.

So the thought of budgeting makes us cringe. Why, because very few people want to “live within your means”. We want to buy what we want whenever we want it. In other words, what you really want to know is how to attract more money to support the lifestyle that you want to live.

We attract into our lives whatever is in alignment with our most dominant thought(s). Our thoughts decide how we feel, and our feelings act as a magnate to physically bring to us what we think about the most. Therefore, if your main thoughts are on lack and debt… you will attract lack and debt. If your thoughts are focused on prosperity, health, joy, happiness, everlasting love, friendships, a great paying job, and many other things that you imagine for yourself… that’s exactly what you will attract.

You are most likely only familiar with two options to help you live within your means: 1) cut your expenses to fit your budget; or 2) increase your income to fit the lifestyle that you want to live. Let’s briefly discuss these two options and then I will offer you a third option that you will probably find appealing and easily adaptable.

Well, we’ve pretty much discussed that option #1 is not an option. To continue to ignore what you want for your life only causes you to subtract even more from your life. The thought of lack ONLY produces more lack.

Now, for you option #2 probably feels better because the thought of attracting more money is not as difficult as many may think. For most working class Americans we seek more income by taking on a second job, or seeking a promotion/raise on your current job.

The problem with option #2 is that if you work harder to earn extra money, when will you have the time to enjoy spending this extra money. Trading time for money also produces lack… a lack of time for exercising, relaxing, sleeping, enjoying quality time with family and friends, vacationing, dining out, and participating in the other things I mentioned earlier.

So then what is the answer to attracting more money to live within the means of our choice? The answer is the Law of Attraction.

As I stated before, the law of attraction means that you attract to you what you think and feel the most. Instead of thinking that you have to give up something because you can’t afford it or thinking that you have to take on another job to be able to afford it… focus your attention on the cost of what you want being reduced to fit the budget you have allotted for it.

Right now our country is finally bouncing back from one of the greatest fiscal fiascos in our history. This is good news because most of the things we like the most (houses, cars, clothes, etc) are being sold at a fraction of the price it was before the financial meltdown.

I was recently reading an article in the Robb Report magazine about an 11, 400 sq. ft home on Sailfish Point Island, Florida that was once listed for $6.5 million is now being sold for $2 million. OMG… let that sink in for a moment! That is a $4.5 million reduction in price for the SAME house!

Instill this in your psyche: the life you live is based upon the decisions you make. And the decisions you make are based upon the thoughts and ideas you focus on the most. So from now on, decide that you will live the lifestyle of your choice… and you won’t have to spend a lot of money to do so!

Until we meet again: DreamBIG, plan, get excited, and take action NOW… for the world is waiting to cheer your success!

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