My Friday Testimony: from an entrepreneur.

TESTIMONY: so last week, in the midst of crumbling to-do lists, stagnant marketing ideas, sick kids, isolation/keeping to myself, messed up bills, tiresome body and burnt out acreativity, I literally laid on my office floor like three times in one day. Just tired; i was spent and whining….for what I believe was the 4th week in a row.

So a little while later, I get back to my computer and there you have it, a message from my dear friend Quinn Riley talkin’ bout…..”You alright up there…I’m gonna check in on you from time-to-time. You’re too talented to quit; and got too much content to throw in the towel…” ~ mind you we had not chatted in a few weeks….

Whaaaaaaaa@t. Can I just tell you how that one message changed my entire outlook for Q4/!?!?!

He was there for me 3 years ago when I endeavored to start this journey, and he has always truly been there for me to this day. I am so grateful for the divine wake-up call last week! All aboard….entrepreneurSHIP is truly a daily work in progress. Start small, dream big and keep it movin’

Author: TEW

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