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The TEW Crew is so grateful for all of the great feedback we have received for book #1. We as a team are extremely proud that book 2 will soon launch! Grab your copy today – click on the SHOP page above!


“The second volume of TEW (The Entrepreneur Within) makes clear:300

If you’re waiting for life to get out of the way before starting your business – Fuhgetaboutit!

If you do, you will never get started.

Each of the 18 featured entrepreneurs share compelling personal stories. They rise, fall, reflect and rise again. An important read if you want to start a business. Tells you what to expect, avoid and, most importantly, how to achieve success.”

Walter M. Perkins

Author, Write Right – Right Now – The Book

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“Awesome book. I was propelled to action to move forward with my business after reading The Entrepreneur Within. Great read!” – Karen




“If I had to describe this book in one word: AUTHENTIC! I love how the authors shared real world trials and triumphs they experienced during their entrepreneurial journey. No matter how smart and savvy we are, we can only learn so much from our own experiences and from our own research. Learning from the experiences of others enables us to truly accelerate our growth! Therefore, my biggest take away from this book is the collective experiences and knowledge shared by the TEW Crew.” – Charmin




“The entire book is filled with valuable insight! There are always things that every small business owner is thinking but never willing to say out loud, this book says it for you. Maybe it is that you are fearful of going out of the box and breaking away from the security of corporate America or maybe you have a fear of failure, whatever it is, this book will help you walk through every aspect of being a successful entrepreneur.” – Steve




“The Entrepreneur Within You, written by Julie M. Holloway plus the TEWCrew, and published by 220 Communications, is an excellent anthology that kept my attention from the beginning until the end. Each story provides some great insight into the world of entrepreneurship. Whether you’re contemplating becoming an entrepreneur or someone that has been in business for a while, this book is for you. There are stories that talk about how to overcome the obstacles of making the leap to entrepreneurship, the importance of sound relationship building to your business success, dealing with procrastination, overcoming the fear of being in business for yourself, the importance of marketing, understanding the tenacity that it takes to operate a successful business and many other pertinent subjects, you will walk away from each story with some valuable nuggets of information.”. – CJ McCullom


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