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The TEW series is a dynamic collection of real-life stories from living, breathing, inspiring entrepreneurs. The authors of the book not only share with

TEW3 is coming this July! Stay tuned.

TEW3 is coming this July! Stay tuned.

the readers how their path to business ownership began; but, they also include diverse and encouraging personal stories of challenges conquered along with tips and tools that aspiring entrepreneurs can use to accomplish their goals despite facing their own version of these very same obstacles. The experiences that our writers share concerning how they have overcome and conquered things in the midst of pursuing their passions will motivate all who are moved to turn its pages! We are fulfilling our destiny by allowing real entrepreneurs a platform to share their trials and then their triumphs, ultimately passing on the torch of dreams held by many of owning their own business.

Book 3 is now available!

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Foreword by Monique Caradine – 13

  1. What’s My Why? – Julie M. Holloway – 19
  2. Create and Inspire to Enable Others to See They Can Create – Josh Renner – 23
  3. God’s Plan Is Always Better Than Your Plan! – Andrea “Dre” Nichols Everett – 319781630687038-Perfect-Outlines---Copy-print-1-copy
  4. To Have and to Hold, from this Business Forward – Carrie Elaine Forman – 53
  5. Build your BRAND, start a LEGACY! – Vau’ve A. Davis – 61
  6. From The Chaos of a Startup to the Calm from a Profit – Pierre DeBois – 69
  7. Tips for Elevating, Success, Inspiration, Growth + Pushing Through – Tamika Maria Price – 79
  8. Out Living the Circumstances – Renee Jefferson Smith – 87
  9. Delayed is not Denied – LaTasha West – 93
  10. The Birth of Windy City Mix – Rodrigo Alvear – 99
  11. Learn How to Succeed in Any Circumstance – Dr. Toi Dennis – 111
  12. Love All and Happiness – Kasia Wereszczynska , M.A., LCPC, RYT – 119
  13. The Power (and Profit) in Partnership – Summer Alexander and Laura E. Knights, LCSW “The Savvy Solopreneurs” – 125
  14. Starting and Running My Businesses – Daniel C. Lewis – 137
  15. To Begin ~ you must begin – Marti Hannon – 143
  16. The Truth About Entrepreneurship – Angelia Hopson – 151
  17. Stand for Something, it’s Your Business Brand! – Rai Barney – 167
  18. The Process of Success – Tonya Biglow – 173
  19. Anything is possible! – Ocie Duncan IV – 181
  20. First Things First – Tiffany M. Stevens – 189
  21. Why What I Do Matters… – C. Lynn Williams, Ms. Parent Guru – 197

TEW Journal by Diane Brown – 205





“The Entrepreneur Within You series makes clear:

If you’re waiting for life to get out of the way before starting your business – Fuhgetaboutit! If you do, you will never get started.

Each of the featured entrepreneurs share compelling personal stories. They rise, fall, reflect and rise again. An important read if you want to start a business. Tells you what to expect, avoid and, most importantly, how to achieve success.”

Walter M. Perkins, Chicago  

Author, Write Right – Right Now – The Book

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“TEW takes the fears out of entrepreneurship. After reading this book you will feel you can conquer any struggle that may come your way. Include this book on your journey!” – Missy B. Salick, Virgo Girl Media, New York, NY





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