Just finalizing some deets for The Entrepreneur Within ~ Book Release Coming 10.28.2012 ~ just so happened to come across my application to, The School of The Art Institute Chicago, from 1994. At the time, my awesome art teacher Craig A. Anderson told me STERNLY, “go to business school” ~ instead I demanded to go to “art school” and spent $25,000++ of my parent’s money in one year only to QUIT.

Shaking my head now, as I am nearly done with my “business degree” at age 35, I reflected back to the letter of recommendation that Mr. A wrote for me to get into the art school.

He said, “Julie is committed to her art and her inspiration has helped many of her classmates. Her positive attitude and her self discipline will be a welcome contribution in any class she may participate in at the Art Institute. This opportunity will enable her to expand and expand her talent.”

As I reflect on this piece of paper today, I realize that my MISSION was always to do art, inspire others and be a business woman. The ONLY thing that is a little cloudy is that the second I quit “art school,” I got a job at the corporation where my dad worked (because he made me) so I could afford my rent. Through 15 years of corporate life, I bounced from jobs every two to three years. I had a few incredible companies that I worked for such as Nike, Accenture and Home Depot, but I also had a few that de-inspired me. The end result is that every single opportunity that we encounter is an opportunity to GROW. Do not stay PAST your expiration date as Rhonda Alexander would say in TEW. Do not fail to live your PURPOSE as Bernada Nicole Baker would say. Do not overlook the excellent business relationships in your life as Glenn Murray would say and certainly, do not forget to ask for help as Merry Linden would say. Do not be a serial entrepreneur as Patrice Perkins quotes in the book. Do not let getting fired over a text message deter your dreams (@Shaniqua Anderson) and certainly “marry your destiny” (Corliss Johnson). Do not let anyone have power over you, as Nicole Knox would claim, and be a “power keeper.” I could go on and on and I will go on and on very soon.

We have over 12 writers / guest authors moving on the journey of publishing the TEW book and I am beyond excited. I am surrounded by loving and hard-working business owners and entrepreneurs, mentors and faith-movers and shakers. I am gracious for all of them right now as we move to “marry our destiny,” one step at a time.

We stand to WIN.



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