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We recently came across some great information via Software Advice COO Austin Merritt’s team (click here). So, I immediately started checking out some of the books on his shelf, being _MG_0271that our main purpose here at TEW is to inspire and encourage entrepreneurs to live their DREAMS! Knowing we cannot do it alone; sometimes we need to turn a few pages of a few great books.

Austin’s website states that as these four areas comprise material you don’t typically learn in school, this reading can help entrepreneurs at any experience level learn valuable skills needed to grow their company.

The four areas (which he describes in more detail here), include:

  • Business Strategy: These books cover the high-level, conceptual stuff that you may initially think is most important–though you’ll come to realize that the other categories are just as vital.

  • Sales Strategy: While a book can’t exactly teach you sales strategy, these books will at least familiarize you with lessons you’ll really learn when you get out there and start selling.

  • Hiring and Management: These books cover how to find and manage the right people, and how crucial this is to your company’s success:

  • Personal Development and Strategy: These cover how to develop personally in order to success as a professional.

I am currently making my way through GOOD to Great and Selling 101. Both are very inspiring, uplifting and very on point for what I am going through in my company right now (growth) and (elevation).

Hope you can take some time to check out Austin’s list! We really hope that one day, TEW will make it to that list 🙂


Thanks for reading!


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